Penis Enlargement: A Complete Guide

By Charlie Chambers
Updated: 05 Sep 2021
Penis Enlargement Guide

Men have been looking for ways to enlarge their penises for thousands of years, conjuring up many different methods, very few of which work.

This guide is intended to help you avoid harm by raising awareness of dangerous penis enlargement techniques.

Additionally, it functions as a guide, directing you to the safest method.

Reading until the end, you'll learn:

  • What penis enlargement is
  • The methods that have no scientific grounding
  • The methods that work but are dangerous
  • How to enlarge your penis properly

What is penis enlargement?

Penis enlargement is the process of permanently increasing your penis size.

Methods with no scientific grounding

The following methods are often highlighted in the media, but have no basis for their claims:

#1: Penis enlargement pills

Although there is plenty of evidence to show that penis enlargement pills can stimulate an erection by increasing blood flow into the penis, there is no basis for claims that they can permanently increase the size.

If you would like to read more information about penis enlargement pills for the purposes of stimulating an erection, click here.

#2: Penis enlargement creams / oils

Much like pills, there may be an argument that creams and oils can be absorbed into the body and result in an erection, but there is no evidence that they can actually increase your penis size though.

If you would like to read more about penis enlargement creams and oils for the purposes of stimulating an erection, click here.

#3: Penis pumps

Another commonly acknowledged way of increasing your penis size is penis pumps. This rumour took off after the film Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery showcased a pump in an airport scene.

The truth is though, penis pumps are not effective in enlarging your penis size. Instead, their goal is to help guys to get an erection by encouraging blood towards the penis.

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Methods that work, but are dangerous

Although the following methods of penis enlargement can work, they are not advised.

#1: Penis enlargement surgery

Although penis enlargement surgery can increase your penis size and girth, it is only effective when your penis is flaccid. This means that you will gain no benefit from the surgery during sex.

If you would like to read more about the dangers of penis enlargement surgery, click here.

#2: Jelqing

Jelqing is a form of penis stretching that involves using your hands to stretch your penis many times throughout the course of the day in order to stretch the cells in your body and cause growth.

Although penis stretching is a proven method of penis enlargement, there is a significant risk that the inconsistency of the jelqing technique can result in damage to your penis.

Many men have developed a penile curvature issue, known as Peyronie's Disease, after following jelqing programmes.

For more information about the dangers of jelqing, click here.

#3: Penis weights

Penis weights are a slightly more developed form of penis stretching. By hanging a weight to the end of your penis, a tension is created which stretches your penis over time.

There are two problems with this method though: 1) It's still not consistent enough to prevent damage to your penis 2) it's impractical to hang a weight from your penis and still live a normal lifestyle.

For more information about the impracticality of penis weights, click here.

Note: if you are frustrated with having a small penis, don't panic. 

Instead, it's better to focus on learning how to solve the problem.

How to enlarge your penis properly

The device with the highest success rate for penis enlargement is called a penis extender.

They work on the same principles of jelqing and penis weights, however there is one crucial different; they keep your penis firmly strapped in place during use.

The benefits of this feature are twofold: 1) you are not at risk to developing a curved penis 2) you are able to continue your normal lifestyle even while wearing the device.

How much do penis stretchers cost?

Penis stretchers cost between $150 and $1000.

Which penis extender would you recommend?

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