There’s not a man alive that hasn’t thought about gaining a little more size in the trouser department. With the internet and magazines horking a multitude of different methods to grow a little extra, it’s tough to know what works, what is safe and what is just plain nonsense!

Hopefully, we can dispel some of the myths about penis enlargement and help you find out what really works and what will give you that little boost in the bedroom.

Over the years, we have researched, tested and tried methods to get a little bigger and found a few methods that work, but a lot of snake oil.

As there is such a clear difference between what works and what doesn’t we needed to create two separate categories.

Firstly, let’s look at the methods that don’t work.

Methods That Don’t Work

Penis Pumps

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many people think they are used for penis enlargement, truth is they are only effective in resolving erectile dysfunction.

they work by increase the blood flow to your penis and therefore causing you to have an erection.

Technically, these devices make you bigger - an erection is bigger than a flaccid penis. However, they won’t have any impact on the size.

penis enlargement pills

Penis enlargement pills are another commonly pitched product that has no scientific backing.


Penis enlargement pills often get confused with male enhancement pills which don’t claim to increase your penis size, they just help to increase sexual performance.


There is no proven evidence to suggest that applying cream to your penis can make it look bigger.

Methods that work

Penis Surgery

When you think of penis enlargement, most people jump to the conclusion that they need surgery, which makes sense - if you want to augment your body in some way, you want a professional to be doing it.

Penis surgery involves two procedures: increasing the girth and increasing the perceived length.

These procedures are risky and, as such are not recommended.

Penis Stretching

Lastly, there’s a method that only comes into awareness over the past 30 years called penis stretching. As the name suggests, penis stretching involves the application of a stretch to the penis in order to increase its size.

The initial research behind this form of penis enlargement was slow so there are some methods that aren’t clinically tested.


The first method we want to highlight is called ‘Jelqing’.

Effectively, it involves applying a stretch to your erect penis with your hands.

So, in other words, it’s done manually.

While this can work, the evidence around this method is largely anecdotal. And, there has been numerous cases of injuries caused by the application of too much tension which resulted in a loss of sensitivity, angled penis among other issues.

Penis Weights

At one point someone noticed the issue with jelqing in that it was difficult to create an even stretch at a moderate tension level.

In doing so, they realised that if they attached weights to the tip of the penis, it would gradually stretch.

In theory, this makes sense, however the practicality of wearing penis weights wasn’t possible.

Penis Extenders

Lastly, around 30 years ago, a device was invented that could apply a constant stretch to the penis while monitoring the tension levels.

This device was called a penis extender.

This new method revolutionised the penis enlargement industry - putting many surgeons out of business.

Now, there are hundreds of different penis extenders on the market.

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