Penis Weights

Legit penis enlargement devices or just a scam?

For thousands of years, men have been trying to extend the length of their penises using all sorts of contraptions.

Interestingly though, it’s penis weights that seem to get the most attention, flying in the face of warnings from authoritative voices such as the UK’s NHS who warn against their use.

Now, it might be a fair point to say that organisations such as the NHS are erring hard on the side of caution and for that reason, many people disregard their advice.

If you are interested in finding out the legitimacy of the claims made by manufacturers of penis hangers, then please read on as I’ll be covering exactly that in this article.

Plus, I’ll be discussing how they compare to other penis enlargement methods towards the end so don’t miss out on that either because it is highly valuable.

The Theory

The idea behind penis stretching is that by gradually stretching the cells in your body, it will cause them to tear and, therefore, duplicate in a process called mitosis.

Over time, the duplication of millions of cells results in the growth of the region of the body that you have been focusing on.

By attaching to the tip of your penis and hanging whilst in a standing position, gravity will apply pressure, resulting in a stretch.

The weights come in a range of different levels with the idea that you will start on a lower weight class and work up to heavier classes as your penis gradually increases and you get used to the tension levels.

Do They Work?

I think at this point in time, that before we go down any anecdotal rabbit holes of success stories, it’s important to accept the fact that no clinical trials have actually been carried out on the use of penis hangers.

And, for that reason, it would be unfair to say for certain whether they have the ability to increase the size of your penis or not.

With that in mind, I do believe that there is validity in making a like-for-like comparison of a similar product category on the market that has been through numerous trials and has been proven to get results.

That product category is called the penis extender (you can read more about these devices here).

So, do they work?

While the answer you are probably looking for is an emphatic yes, unfortunately, penis weights only work slightly.

Issues With Penis Weights

In fact, the amount of risk you will undergo in order to learn first hand the answer to: “do penis weights work?” will likely outweigh the benefits!

Penis enlargement weights can, and should, help increase the length and girth of your penis.

But, as I mentioned before, the process will only work if done correctly.

Your penis is made of a sponge-like tissue that expands with blood.

Not only does your penis lack the proper amount of muscle needed for significant penis girth and length gains, but hanging heavy penis weights can cause serious, permanent damage to your favorite organ.

In summary, to answer the question “Do penis weights work?”, I would have to go with a strong maybe, but only when done properly.

If you are a beginner, I recommend you check out my advanced list of safe and practical penis exercises for girth and length which is available here.

Although some people swear by their use, there’s a valid reason for government websites warn against them.

You see, if you hang these weights to the end of your penis, then there’s a fairly high chance that the weight distribution will be uneven.

This means that even though the device is technically working, the issue becomes more about possible complications.

There have been numerous comments from men who have tried penis weights and ended up with a curved penis.

Some have even suffered nerve damage in their penis, preventing them from getting the same pleasure levels as before.


Although there may be a chance that, by using a penis hanger that you’ll see an increase in your penis size, I don’t believe that it’s worth the risk, especially when you take into account the fact that there are alternative options available that have been clinically tested.

In particular, I’m referring to penis extenders, which I mentioned earlier on in this article.

Although they are more expensive than weights, I think the knowledge that what your doing is safety is worth the price

Here’s a link to the best penis extenders with reviews.