There are all sorts of contraptions out there that are hyped up as ways for men to increase their penis size.

Interestingly, it's penis weights that seem to get the most attention, flying in the face of warnings from authoritative voices such as the UK's NHS who warn against their use.

These organisations are playing it cautious to avoid lawsuits, so understandably you may take their advice with a pinch of salt.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are companies who advocate their use to make sales, but leave out inconvenient truths.

We've created this guide because there isn't enough quality information for guys who want to increase their size using penis weights.

We'll be discussing the following subjects:

  • How body stretching works
  • How penis weights work
  • The problem with penis weights
  • A more effective alternative.

How body stretching works

Body stretching has been around for a long time (thousands of years in fact) and has been used outside of penis enlargement to make fleshy body parts bigger.

Here are a couple of examples of its use:

  • Neck Elongation by indigenous tribes from South-East Asia
  • Ear lobe stretching by many different cultures around the world
  • Lip stretching in African tribes

We can clearly see that body stretching works; there's no disputing the evidence.

By stretching the cells in your body, they divide in a process called mitosis, resulting their growth.

Penis stretching works in the exact same way.

Before penis stretching devices existed, the most common way to achieve this was to pull on your penis many times per day. This method is known as 'jelqing'.

The problem with this technique is its lack of consistency.

It's hard to tell how much of a stretch you're applying and you can easily cause yourself damage.

The most common issue is called Peyronie's disease where a curvature is developed in your penis.

How Penis Weights Work

Penis weights were invented to achieve a more controlled stretch.

The idea is that by attaching a weight to the tip of your penis while in a standing position, gravity will apply a more consistent stretch.

The weights come in a range of different sizes with the idea that you start on a lower level and work up to bigger weights as you get used to the higher tension levels.

The problem with penis weights

Although some people swear by their use, there's a valid reason why government organisations warn against them.

Firstly, since nobody have perfect posture, there is a risk that the weight distribution will be uneven and the same problems will occur.

Secondly, standing for hours and hours every day with a weight attached to your penis isn't very practical.

There are very little things you can do whilst wearing penis weights so it's difficult to maintain a regular habit.

A better alternative to penis weights

More recently, penis extenders were invented.

These devices have two big benefits:

  1. they keep your penis in a fixed position, preventing you from injuring yourself.
  2. they allow you to control the level of tension more precisely.

In the 1980s, they passed numerous clinical trials and since then, millions of men have used them to safely increase their penis size.

We've written a more in-depth guide about penis extenders which also highlights the best ones to choose. If you'd like to give it a read, click here.