Penis pills cannot increase your penis size permanently. There is no scientific basis for their claims.

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Penis enlargement pills are a huge business, with that built-in X factor of promising growth and length, at little to no cost, physically or monetarily. 

They’re a magic bullet for every man a worried about their size.

These little magic pills lure you into thinking that you really could gain a few inches in no time at all. 

Millions of these pills are sold every year – a truly incredible amount of money and penis enlargement pills have become an industry in and of themselves.

The sad fact is, most of these are simply placebos, meant to trick you in to believing there’s an effect, and charge through the nose for it.

The pills that actually have active ingredients are almost always just herbal remedies that you could pick up at any health shop for a fraction of the price.

Most penis enlargement pills are created for around $2 and sold for more than twenty times the price of making them.

Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be able to see through the smoke and mirrors of the enlargement pill marketing machine

What Makes A Penis Enlargement Pill?

Any supplement or drug that claims to increase the size of your penis is considered to be an enlargement pill.

As these are usually classed as dietary supplements, there is little to no regulation imposed on them, allowing the manufacturers to claim any kind of benefit they like, with no fear of a backlash from the FDA or any other governing body. 

There are a few different kinds of enlargement pill which we will talk about in this guide, each with their own questionable science ‘backing’ them up. Penis Enlargement pills are mostly a scam, but some of the products have useful side benefits.

Vitamins, Dietary Supplements and Herbs

Vitamins and Dietary supplements are pretty common in the day to day life of people all across the world. We rely on these dietary supplements to give us the vitamins we may be lacking from our diet, or use them when we are ill to try and boost our immune systems.

Things like Vitamin C and D have clear, scientifically proven positive effects and are a great addition to your medicine cupboard.

For penis enlargement, however, there’s little to no evidence any type of vitamin, dietary supplement or herb has any effects on penis growth

Vitamin D and L-arginine are often quoted to help with your length, as they promote more blood flow and they help keep your blood cells healthy.

Whilst there are definite benefits to these vitamins which mean you should think about taking them anyway, there’s no evidence to show that you would be gaining any length from taking these supplements. 

Male Enhancement Pills

Male Enhancement Pills are a mixed bag.

There’s very little evidence to prove that they help you gain any size, simply they help you get and maintain an erection.

Male Enhancement Pills are all marketed to show that there’s size gain, and whilst having more blood in your penis would make it bigger, it won’t actually gain you any length!  

These pills really are just for helping those who have problems with erectile dysfunction to overcome their problems and they are very effective at dealing with that.

If this is one of the problems you face, these pills could very well be useful for you and you can read about the male enhancement pills here.

These pills work by giving you have a stronger erection, boosting your libido and increasing your blood flow around your body, but they can put a strain on your heart, so you should consult a doctor before trying them.

Sugar Pills and Scams

Sadly, preying on the insecurity of men has been a viable business model for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Apothecaries and alchemists have been making potions, tinctures and poultices for increased size and vigour for our foreseeable past, and will continue to do so in the form of pills for the foreseeable future. These products promise huge gains, quick size boosts and never have any evidence to prove they work.

Often charging huge sums of money and offering ‘money-back guarantees’, these products rarely will have their money returned as there are very specific terms to that guarantee and you will often just lose lots and lots of money chasing that extra length.

As these pills fall under the category of food supplements, there are no standards the manufacturers adhere to and the ingredients in these pills can be anything as they are completely free to add any ingredient as long as they say ‘not fit for human consumption’. These products should be avoided at all costs, for the health of your body and the health of your wallet!

They promise the world and are completely ineffective.


Whilst there are definitely useful side effects to these pills mentioned in this guide, none of them directly increase the length or size of your penis and you will be very disappointed in them for those purposes.

Keep in mind the fact that being healthier, having to correct diet and exercise can all translate into more confidence and better sex.

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