The Best Penis Extender (Stretcher) On The Market

Charlie Chambers
By Charlie Chambers

After thousands of hours of research, I can confirm that the best penis extender is SizeGenetics.

The device is:

  • Clinically proven to work
  • Approved by doctors
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Billed & shipped discreetly
  • Made in the USA
  • Guaranteed to work

Penis Extenders Vs Other Methods

If you've been searching for ways to increase your penis size, then you've probably come across several methods:

In this guide, I'll highlight how each of these work, explain why penis extenders are the best method and also why I recommend SizeGenetics


First of all, I want to give a brief caveat on the topic of 'penis enlargement'.

Technically, anything that makes your penis bigger can fall in into this category. This often leads to outlandish claims by companies trying to make a quick buck.

Many solutions say that they can help you increase the size of your penis, implying that the results will be permanent.

However, the truth is they are more useful in tackling erectile dysfunction, which is a perfectly valid issue to address by the way.

Still, my concern is that they are misleading people into believing that they will use these products and end up with a permanently bigger penis.

So, without further ado, here are the most well-known methods:

Penis Pills

Penis Enlargement Pills

Claim: Penis pills and supplements can increase your penis size, make your erections harder and make you last longer.

Truth: There are potential benefits from the use of supplements to help improve and maintain erection strength which can lead to more satisfying sex. However, there is no evidence they can increase your penis size permanently.

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penis enlargement creams

Penis Creams & Oils

Claim: Penis creams and oils can increase your penis size, make your erections harder and make you last longer.

Truth: Much like penis pills, these creams and oils can potentially help increase blood flow to your penis and result in stronger erections. However, there has been even less scientific research done on creams and oils, so it's challenging to ascertain if they have any benefits over oral consumption. It's also possible that these creams and oils may have a placebo effect if your partner is using them on you.

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Penis Pump

Penis Pumps

Claim: Penis pumps can increase your penis size, make your erections harder and make you last longer.

Truth: Again, this method primarily deals with helping you to maintain an erection. It works by creating a vacuum around your penis, helping to increase blood flow and resulting in an erection. This method is extremely useful in beating erectile dysfunction. Many people believe that it can help with permanently increasing penis length and girth; however, there is no basis for these claims.

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Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Surgery

Claim: Penis surgery will give you a longer, girthier penis

Claim: There are 2 elements of penis surgery: length and girth. During lengthening surgery, you don't actually increase the length of your penis. Instead, you just show more of what is hidden. By severing a ligament between your pelvic bone and your penis, it allows your penis to hang lower, making it appear longer. This does not impact the size of your erection. Girth surgery involves taking a graft of fat from other areas of your body, such as your buttocks, then placing it around your penis to bulk it up. Although many men have been satisfied with the results of penis surgery, there is a risk that you could end up with a deformed penis. Worse still, you could lose sensitivity, reducing enjoyment during sex. It is also costly, often requiring tens of thousands of dollars.

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Claim: Jelqing can increase the length and girth of your penis

Truth: Jelqing works by pulling on your penis hundreds of times per day over several months. This causes a process called, mitosis, where the cells in your penis divide and grow, increasing your size. Although this method does work, the issue is that it's challenging to maintain a consistent stretch over time. Many men stretch one side more than the other, causing a curvature in their penis which can be uncomfortable during sex.

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Penis Weights

Penis Weights

Claim: Penis Weights can increase the length and girth of your penis

Truth: Penis weights work in the same way as jelqing. Their aim is to stretch your penis and make it longer. The benefit of using penis weights is that there is less chance of complications (as long as you're standing still). However, this isn't practical, and very few men see it through.

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best penis extender

Penis Extenders

Claim: Penis extenders can increase the size and girth of your penis

Truth: They are the only clinically proven way of increasing the length and girth of your penis. They were developed by penis surgeons who saw how ineffective the other solutions were and wanted to help men get results without complications. Penis extenders work by applying a constant stretch from the base to the tip of your penis. Unlike jelqing and penis weights, once you wear the device, you can forget it is there and carry on your day usually. Since they were invented, millions of men have used penis extenders to safely increase their size.

Caution: Although I believe that penis extenders are the best way to increase your size, there are hundreds of different brands to choose from. You must select the right one so that you don't risk damage to your health or overpay.

Below, I've created a buyers' guide to choosing penis extenders and also highlighted the best brands available.

Top 5 Penis Extenders

Best Overall: SizeGenetics


What it is: Sizegenetics is the first penis extender to use an interchangeable fastener. This allows you to swap between using a strap or a silicone tube depending on what makes you feel most comfortable.

Effectiveness: Jack, my reviewer, was able to increase their size by 1.8 inches over 9 months by using the SizeGenetics device proving it to be extremely effective.

Comfortability: The great thing about Sizegenetics is that you can change the different fittings depending on what makes you feel most comfortable.

Durability: There were no breakages or tears during the use of the product. It is very robust.

Ease of use: Putting it on and taking it off takes less than a minute. You just clip it onto either side of your penis and you're good to go.

Guarantee: If you use the device for 4 months and don't get results, then you should be given your money back.

Price: Ranges between $199.95 - $299.95 depending on which package you go for. The more expensive options give you extra levels of comfort.

Best Value: Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro

What Makes It Different: It's the only strap-based penis extender to use two straps instead of one. This makes it more comfortable because the pressure is spread over a greater surface area.

Effectiveness: John was able to increase his size by 1.3 inches over 9 months.

Comfortability: Very comfortable to wear throughout the day and is not a burden upon everyday tasks.

Durability: John was travelling around the world while testing this product and mentioned how robust it was in his review.

Ease Of Use: Effortless to use, it takes less than a minute to put the device on and afterwards you can forget it is there.

Guarantee: If you use the device for 6 months and don't see results, then you can claim 100% of your money back.

Price: Ranges from $119.93 - $349.93 depending on which offer you go for. You won't find a western-made penis extender for a better price.

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Best While Sleeping: Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte Review

What it is: the first (and only) penis extender that uses a suction cup and body strap rather than a penis harness.

Effectiveness: Guy was able to achieve a 1.6-inch increase in penis size of 9 months using the Phallosan Forte.

Comfortability: The body strap design was found to be very comfortable even when worn in bed.

Durability: The device was used daily and did not show any signs of wear & tear.

Ease of use: Attaching the device to your body takes less than 30 seconds, which is significantly quicker than other options.

Guarantee: you can return the Phallosan Forte if you're at all unhappy within 14 days of delivery.

Price: Expect to pay $339 - Phallosan is one of the premium penis extender manufacturers, so it commands a slightly higher price.

Most Durable: Jes Extender

JES Extender Review

What it is: Jes Extender pioneered the use of penis extenders around 30 years ago. They are the original device and received a great deal of praise for their results.

Effectiveness: Joseph was able to increase the size of his penis by 0.7 inches over 9 months.

Comfortability: The Jes Extender was somewhat irritable and very much visible when out in public situations.

Durability: Jes Extender uses more premium quality materials such as silver, gold and platinum to make it's devices which makes them more bacteria resistant and more durable.

Ease Of Use: A bit of fiddling to get set-up and correction, especially when you need to pee.

Guarantee: You need to document 1,000 hours of use of the device before the manufacturer is willing to give your money back.

Price: $199 - $1000

Newest Product: Male Edge

Male Edge Review

What It Is: A modernized version of the Jes Extender that uses plastic rather than metal.

Effectiveness: William achieved an increase of 1 inch during the course of 9 months wearing the device.

Comfortability: The type of plastic used meant it was more comfortable to wear than the Jes Extender.

Durability: The product stayed intact and functioning properly throughout its use.

Ease of use: It was a little challenging to keep the device on.

Guarantee: As with the Jes Extender, you need to use the device for 1,000 hours before claiming your money back.

Price: $149 - $199

The Review Process

When buying a penis extender, it can be tricky figuring out which features are most important.

As such, I've narrowed it down to the following 6 areas:

Does It Work?

This might go without saying, but the starting point for selecting any penis extender should be determining if it works or not.

Penis extenders need to be able to firmly attach to the base and tip of your penis while applying an even tension level between 800g and 2000g to get results.

Poorly made penis extender brands have several problems. Namely, the fact that they do not sit securely. This means that they will not apply the same level of stretch to both sides of the penis, which could result in the curvature of your penis, also known as Peyronie's disease.

Additionally, if too little tension is applied, your penis will not be stretched enough to grow.

Is It Comfortable?

While many devices do their best to highlight features like tension levels, they miss out on crucial details. In particular, comfort.

If wearing your penis extender is uncomfortable, it will discourage you from using it, and you won't get results.

From my experience, the following factors all contribute to the level of comfort you experience while wearing any device:

  • The angle that the device sits
  • The materials used
  • The situation in which you're wearing it

Will It Break?

It's all well and good buying a comfortable penis stretching device and using it regularly. Still, if it breaks during the first month of use, then you're not going to make much progress. So, the next feature that you should consider is durability.

By testing each device's ability to deal with varying levels of damage, I was able to get a gauge of how they could cope with wear and tear. On top of that, I read thousands of consumer reviews to make sure my own findings were consistent with what was being said by others.

Is It Difficult To Use?

If a device is inconvenient for you to use then, you'll be less likely to stay on right track.

You need to be able to easily put it on, take it off and clean it.

Some devices can be a real nuisance and so, I have not included them.

Are The Results Guaranteed?

Every company offers a money-back guarantee. However, not all of these guarantees are of equal value.

Some brands need you to jump through all sorts of hoops to get your money back, while others are much more lenient.

How Much Does It Cost?

Lastly, I wanted to touch upon the cost of these devices so you can understand what's fair value and what's overpriced.

Penis extenders tend to cost between $99 and $1,000 depending on the brand you go for and if you decide to purchase any additional accessories with them.

Because the only other option, penile surgery, can cost in the region of $10,000 then this doesn't seem too bad.

Frequently asked questions

What Is A Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a traction creation device that attaches to the base and tip of your penis. By applying a constant and controlled level of tension, it will result in an increase in your penis size over time.

Outside of penile surgery, penis extension devices are the only clinically proven way of enlargening your size.

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

If used correctly, yes. All of the brands I've highlighted in this review have been through clinical trials with impressive results. With that being said, complications can occur if you jump start using the device at a tension level beyond your comfort zone.

I've also only highlighted penis extension brands that have: a) An FDA class 1 medical classification b) A European CE health stamp c) Approval from trained doctors d) Been through rigorous clinical trials

How Long Per Day Should You Use The Device?

It really depends on the brands you're using. Some suggest up to 12 hours of use per day. However, as much as you've got to think about the length of use, it's equally important to consider the tension levels you apply.

To maximize results, you should wear the device for as long as possible at the highest tension while still feeling comfortable. Instead of going full-on, we'd recommend a more balanced approach and building up tension levels and usage over time so that the process becomes easy.

Try using your device for at least 1-3 hours per day in the first month, 3-6 hours per day in the second month and 9-12 hours per day after that.

How Do They Work?

If you were to stretch a balloon, it would hold more air - these devices work in the same way. By attaching a strap to the base and top of your penis and applying a constant stretch along the shaft causing it to become longer, thicker and harder.

Will Penis Extenders work If You're circumcised?

Yes, being circumcised will not impact your use. If you are uncircumcised, I'd recommend cleaning the device more regularly (every 2 days vs once per week) as there tends to be more of a build-up of bacteria underneath your foreskin.

How Long Does It Take To Achieve Results?

It's important to remember that everyone has a different penis size. For that reason, results are very much relative to the individual. If you've got a 3-inch penis, then even a half an inch increase will amount to a 20% increase in size.

However, if you have a 5-inch penis, then half an inch is only a 10% gain. Success is very much dependent on the individual (as well as their expectations).

Additionally, you need to be aware that bodies react differently - some people will experience faster transformations than others. Now, with that being said, from numerous clinical trials, the average man was able to increase their size by 1 inch after 9 months of daily use.

Do They Hurt To Use?

Depending on which brand you buy and how they are used can cause different results. Some devices are more comfortable than others and easier to use.

Additionally, if you crank the tension levels on the device up to the max, then this may lead to some soreness. I recommend that you start off your penis enlargement journey on a low tension level to get used to it.

Will It Increase Your Flaccid & Erect Length?

Yes, when the cells duplicate in your penis, they stay stretched. That means that you'll notice the difference both when flaccid and erect. This is a significant selling point of penis stretching devices in comparison with penile surgery as the results of an operation are often lost over time.

Are The Results Permanent?

Yes, by applying a constant tension upon the shaft of your penis, it will cause an increase in the number of cells causing permanent results.

How Visible Are They Underneath Your Clothes?

Each device is shaped differently, so it really depends on the model that you choose. All the devices I recommend can be worn discreetly under boxer shorts and loose-fitting trousers. The Phallosan Forte tends to be the best device at 'tucking away'.

What happens if you continue to use the device?

Your penis size will continue to increase in size. Penis enlargement devices tend to only go up to 9 inches, though. However, most men (and women) don't want a bigger penis than this.

Can you wear them while sleeping?

Yes, all devices can be used while sleeping. I'd suggest checking out the Phallosan Forte if this is you intend to enlarge your penis while sleeping. Click here for more information on the Phallosan Forte.

Does your penis need to be a minimum size to use one of these devices?

This depends on the device you buy. Most devices can work with penis sizes from 2 inches to 9 inches. If your penis is smaller than 2 inches, then penile enlargement surgery may be more appropriate for you.

Do they increase girth as well as length?

Yes, by promoting tissue growth along the whole penis, you will see an increase in length as well as girth.

Can penis extenders correct a curved penis?

Yes, the original creation of these devices was actually to help treat curved penis issues (also known as Peyronie's disease). By stretching increase the cell duplication more on one side, your penis will eventually become straighter.

For more information about solving Peyronie's disease, click here.

Charlie Chambers
Hey, my name's Charlie and I'm a sex therapist from LA. Over the last 20 years, I've helped thousands of men to overcome their sexual health problems. I aim to use this site to help even more men enjoy more fulfilling sex lives.