Best Penis Extender (Stretcher) For 2020

Studies have confirmed that penis extenders are the only devices that can safely increase your penis size.

After hearing about this, 1000s of men requested our advice on which brand they should buy.

Instead of replying individually, we felt it would more helpful to create a comparison of the most effective and reasonably priced options.

Although the guide is packed with helpful tips, we understand that you might not have time to waste.

For that reason, we've highlighted the top brand below...

Top Rated

Best Penis Extender 2020

Quick Extender Pro

  • Made & Shipped From USA
  • 4,000g tension available
  • Clinically proven results
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Double strap support
  • Free erection pills

What is a penis extender?

Penis extenders, also known as penis stretchers, are non-invasive devices that were originally created to straighten a curved penis without needing surgery.

Their popularity exploded after doctors realised a side-effect of using them was their ability to increase penis size.

Since that discovery, millions of men from around the world have used these penis stretching device to achieve a bigger penis.

Penis Extender Science

The 5 best penis extender (stretchers) for 2020

We’ll start with a quick rundown of the most reliable products, then we’ll move on to discuss the science behind how penis stretching works, how we compared the top devices and finally, we'll answer the common questions people have about using penis extenders.

Comparison table of the 5 best penis extender brands:


Penis Extender




Quick Extender Pro






Phallosan Forte



JES Extender



Male Edge


Note: These scores are based on: ability to deliver results, testimonials, material, price, money back guarantees and free bonuses given.

Score: 97/100

Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro:

Best For Fast Results

  • Double strap support
  • 4,000g tension available
  • Clinically proven results
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free penis pump 
  • Free erection pills

Why we recommend Quick Extender Pro? 

  1. High tension levels
    When you consider the high penis-stretching capability that the Quick Extender Pro offers and factor in the extra bonuses that come with it such as the erection pills, penip pump and added comfort accessories, it's clear to us this device offers the excellent value per dollar spent.
  2. Excellent Money Back Guarantee
    Their guarantee is one of the simplest to understand; if after 6 months you don't see results, you can get 100% of your money back.
  3. Customer Testimonials
    As many of their 1000s of customers attest, it only takes weeks to start seeing results though so unless you don't plan on using it, you'll have no need to take them up on that offer.
  4. Limited Time 80% OFF Promotion:
    For a limited time, Quick Extender Pro are offering 80% off their deluxe model, click here to get in on that deal.

Score: 92/100



Best For Comfort

  • Multiple padding options
  • 2,800g tension
  • Clinically proven results
  • Metallic frame
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free extension rods

Why SizeGenetics gets our thumbs up

  1. Comfort Levels

    If you have any experience of penis stretching, there's one word on everybody's lips; comfort. SizeGenetics has put more focus on helping their customers to remain in a more or less zen-like state while extending their penis size than any other brand. Why is comfortability such an important factor? It's simple - to achieve noticeable gains with a penis extender, you need to wear it for at least 8 hours per day. If you get irritated by the position that it's sitting then you'll be discouraged from using it, resulting in no progress.

  2. Multiple Fasteners
    SizeGenetics is the only penis extender that allows you to change the fasteners depending on your personal preference. By giving you the option to choose how you wear it, you'll feel more comfortable and achieve greater results.

  3. Special 40% Off Discount
    Right now, SizeGenetics are offering 40% off their latest device which equates to a $200 saving - click here to grab that deal before it goes away.

Score: 87/100

Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte:

Best Extender For Sleep

  • Unique design
  • Clinically proven results
  • German made
  • Best while sleeping
  • 14-day refund policy
  • Discreet shipping

Why Phallosan Forte gets our thumbs up

  1. Convenience To Use
    It's not always convenient to wear a penis extender during daylight hours. Phallosan Forte's novel design tackles that problem head on by making their product specifically focused upon comfortability while sleeping. While most penis extenders operate on a push-stretch basis, the Phallosan Forte works by pulling your penis in an upward direction using a sling system.
  2. Works Well While Sleeping
    This means that even if you roll over while sleeping, it's not going to damage the device or your penis, unlike some cheap brands.
  3. Can Be Worn Discreetly
    If you work in an environment where tight pants are pretty much the norm and don't want to get caught out then Phallosan Forte should be the choice for you.
  4. Free Bonus Accessories Worth $100
    At the moment, they're giving away an additional $100 worth of accessories with every purchase - click here if you'd like to take them up on that deal.

Score: 83/100

JES Extender

JES Extender:

Best Quality Materials

  • Platinum frame
  • Actively repels bacteria
  • Clinically proven results
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty 

Why buy the JES Extender?

While wearing a penis extender, tiny tears will form in your cells which cause them to divide and replicate.

During the use, it's vital that you regularly clean your penis and the device itself to prevent any risk of infection.

Actively repels bacteria

Although most penis extenders don't encourage the spread of bacteria, only the JES Extender Platinum actively repels bacteria through its antimicrobial platinum frame.

If you're the kind of person who takes cleanliness seriously and want a way to significantly reduce the risk of infections then you should consider buying the JES Extender Platinum.

Click here to buy it >>

Score: 72/100

Male Edge

Male Edge:

Cheapest Option

  • 2,800g Tension Available
  • Adjustable Rods
  • Easy to use
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free travel bag

Why Male Edge gets our thumbs up

  1. Simple To Use
    One of the most common complains about penis stretchers is that they're too complicated to put together. Some devices have multiple straps, some have special extension rods and others have none at all! The Male Edge aims to simplify the whole process by reducing the number of parts and switching to a plastic-based design.
  2. Highly Affordable
  3. With less parts and a cheaper material, the device became significantly more affordable than other players on the market.

    If you're on a tight budget and want something simple, then the Male Edge is definitely worth considering - click here to visit their official website.

How penis stretching works

Penis stretching is a derivative of an ancient practice called 'body stretching' which is all about trying to make fleshy body parts bigger. By applying a slow and gradual tension to parts of the body, it causes the cells to divide and replicate, resulting in their growth. Here are two of examples of it in use:

Body stretching examples 

Neck Elongation

Neck elongation by indigenous tribes from South-East Asia

Ear Stretching

Ear stretching by many people in the Western world

Lip Plating

Lip plating in remote African villages

Penis stretching works in a very similar manner with the key difference being that the tension is isolated to the base and tip of your penis.

Methods of penis stretching

The 3 most common ways to stretch your penis are:

  1. Jelqing is the most primitive form of penis stretching; all you do is pull on your penis whilst semi-erect to encourage the cells to divide. Although you can apply large amounts of tension using this method, it is risky as there is a high chance that you stretch one side of your penis more than the other and end up with a curvature in your penis.

  2. Penis weights are very much what they sound like. By hanging a weight from the tip of your penis, it results in tension being created and your cells dividing (and growing). What's good about this option is that you can monitor the volume of weight you are using allowing you to be more consistent. The problem with these devices is that you need to stand in the same position for hours on end which isn't practical.

  3. Penis extenders provide a much more consistent way of applying tension. By strapping your penis into a fixed position, it allows you to move the rest of your body without fear of stretching one side more than the other.

Beginners' guide to penis extenders

With 100s of penis extenders on the market and each of these requiring over a thousand hours of testing, it's should come as no surprise that creating a list of the 5 best penis extenders was quite a challenge. We used the following factors to decide on our final selection:


Many companies operating in the penis enlargement industry are fully aware that men won't kick up a fuss if their product doesn't work.

Consequently, millions of dollars are wasted every year and ​thousands of men are stuck in the same situation.

For that reason, we felt it was best to start out with the fundamental question: does the product actually work?

Numerous scientific studies have found that in order for a penis extender to work, it needs to apply a minimum traction level of 800g to your penis.

From our own research, we noticed that poorly manufactured penis extenders are unable to provide this.

Another issue that stops many of these devices from working is they don't fasten securely enough.

This could result in more traction being applied to one side of your penis,  resulting in a curvature being formed, also known as Peyronie's disease (a curvature in the penis).

You'll be happy to know that all of the penis stretchers on this page have been through rigorous testing in labs and have 1,000s of satisfied customers.


A lot of manufacturers focus so intensely on showing off their device's high traction levels that the most important factor, comfort.

Sure, you may be willing to sacrifice some comfortability for faster results, but there's a limit.​

If you're unable to concentrate on everyday tasks because you're so irritated by your penis extender, you're probably going to take it off.

We noticed that the following factors impact comfort levels most:

  1. Straps 
    The main way of comparing comfort levels is through the different types of straps. It's their job to hold your penis in place while the rods stretch your dick, causing it to grow. Each brand professes to have re-invented these straps to ensure the most comfortable hold. However, the truth is that it's largely subjective. Some people prefer to have a noose style strap while others prefer belt-style straps. It really depends on what you feel most comfortable with. For that reason, we believe it's best to choose a brand comes with multiple strap options.
  2. Traction Applied

    Penis stretcher brands often compete on the levels of traction that they can apply. You will never need to apply that much. In fact, using that level of traction will likely cause irreversible damage to your penis. To increase your penis size, the maximum you'll need is 2500g. We'd recommend choosing a brand that has a good range available so you can gradually increase the tension as you get used to wearing it.

  3. Where It's Worn
  4. We're sure that you don't want to advertise that you're wearing a penis extender so it's important to note that while you're wearing one, you will need to wear more baggy clothes to prevent it from being too visible. Some brands are much more streamlined than others allowing you to feel more at ease.

Durability levels

It's all well and good buying a comfortable penis stretching device and using it regularly but if it breaks in the first month then you're not going to make much progress.

So, the next feature that you should consider is durability.

By testing each device's ability to deal with varying levels of damage, we were able to get a gauge of how they could cope with wear and tear.

On top of that, we read 1,000s of consumer reviews to make sure our own findings were consistent with what was being said by others.

Ease of use

There's nothing worse than buying a new gadget and realising how difficult it is to get working.

It's so off-putting that you become less inclined to use it and for that reason, you absolutely need your penis stretcher to be hassle-free.

Imagine spending a few minutes every day for months fiddling around doing a seemingly needless task; you'd go crazy!

In our opinion, you need to be able to clip it on and take it off within a few seconds so you can go to the loo, clean it and have sex.


​Every company offers a money-back guarantee, however, not all of these guarantees are of equal.

Some brands need you to jump through all sorts of hoops to get your money back, while others are much more lenient.

Model Variations

Lastly, we wanted to touch upon the different models of these devices so you can understand what's fair value and what's overpriced; every brand has a range of models to choose from.

The standard options just have the device on its own while higher-end packages will have more accessories.

It's easy to look past these, but they can come in very handy.

For example, if you buy a lower-end model then you may be limited to 1,200g tension which may not be enough to get the gains you want quickly enough.

The premium models can go beyond 2,500g.

Treating Peyronie's Disease with a penis extender

Not all men want to increase their penis size. Instead, some men want to cure the unnatural curvature of their penis, such as those who have Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s disease (often abbreviated to PD) is a condition in which the penis takes on an unhealthy curvature as a result of fibrous plaque being formed in the organ. The plaque constricts the soft tissues of the penis in one direction, bending the organ to the respective side.

Although doctors and scientists argue about the exact cause, it seems that trauma and bruising to the penis are major risk factors for the future development of Peyronie’s disease. Genetic predisposition may also play a role.

In general, men with Peyronie’s disease may develop a penis with over 50 degrees of curvature. In many cases, this change severely impairs these individuals’ sexual performance, confidence, erectile function and overall quality of life.

The good news is that studies have found penis extenders to be effective in treating Peyronie’s disease. In fact, penis traction therapy may reduce the curvature of Peyronie’s disease by over 38 degrees if the device is worn for at least 6 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are penis extenders safe?

All of the brands we’ve highlighted in this guide have been tested in clinically tested.

With that being said, complications can occur if you start using the device at a tension level beyond your comfort zone.

How long per day do you need to wear them?

For best results, we'd recommend starting off the first few weeks with the minimum amount of tension (around 400g) and a maximum of 4 per day use.

As you get more comfortable wearing your penis extender, you can begin to apply more tension and wear it for longer without fear of causing yourself damage.

I'm circumcised, will a penis extender work for me?

Yes, being circumcised will not impact your use of the device.

If you are uncircumcised, we’d recommend cleaning the device more regularly (every 2 days vs once per week) as there tends to be more of a build-up of bacteria underneath your foreskin.

What happens if I continue to wear my penis extender?

Your penis size will continue to get bigger 

The penis extenders we've highlighted can help you increase your size up to 9 inches.

Is there a minimum size required to use them?

Most devices can work with penis sizes from 2 inches to 7 inches.

If your penis is smaller than 2 inches, then penis enlargement surgery may be more appropriate for you.

If you would like to read more about this, click here.

What results can I expect to achieve?

Every man's penis works slightly differently to penis stretching so it's difficult to say for certain.

With that in mind, most guys see visible results within 3 weeks of use.

Will my penis increase in size permanently?

Yes, once the cells in your penis divide and replicate, they will stay that way permanently.

Will a penis stretcher visible underneath my clothes?

Each device is shaped differently, so it really depends on the model that you choose.

All the devices we recommend can be worn discreetly under boxer shorts and loose-fitting trousers.

The Phallosan Forte tends to be the best device at ‘tucking away’.

Can I wear it while I'm sleeping?

Yes, all devices can be used while sleeping.

We’d suggest checking out the Phallosan Forte if you intend to enlarge your penis while sleeping.

Can penis extenders correct a curved penis?

Yes, the original creation of these devices was actually to help treat curved penis issues (also known as Peyronie’s disease).

By stretching increase the cell duplication more on one side, your penis will eventually become straighter.

For more information about solving Peyronie’s disease, click here.