Best Sex Doll [Updated 2020]

By Charlie Chambers
Updated: 05 Sep 2021
Best Sex Doll

18 percent of men in the USA struggle to get or maintain their erection.

It's no surprise that the use of drugs like Viagra and Cialis is so widespred.

​​Although they provide quick results, the problem is that you can ​become reliant on them to get hard.

​I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to be able to get an erection on my own without having to resort to a quick fix.

​And honestly, ​having an erection for 48 hours isn't exactly comfortable!

​A better option is male enhancement pills; ​they work by supplementing your body's systems to restore your ability to gain natural erections whenever you need them.

I'll go into more detail about how they work later.

If you're in a rush, here's the link to my recommended brand:

Top 5 ​Sex Dolls









​Male Extra











#1 Viasil

don't have the energy to use it then it's as useful as a wet towel.

​By ​​putting a bounce in your step, these pills will do more much more than improve your sex life, they'll make you feel like a new man.

And let's be honest, ​when your partner sees that, she'll be dancing on your dick quicker than you can say "male enhancement pill".

#2 Male Extra

​Each ingredient in the pill has been carefully chosen to get you packing a bigger, harder erection that can last all night long (if you want it to).

​Your partner will notice the extra testosterone flowing around your body ​too as you sweep her off her feet and towards the bedroom.

If you want to ​become a natural sex machine then these are the pills for you!

#3 VigRX Plus

ina of a Bonobo!

​Do you remember the good old days when all it took to get you stiff was the thought of a sexy lady? You can bring those happy times back my friend.

​Not only will these pills have you dancing in the moonlight again, they'll raise tents in the morning too.

#4 ExtenZe

How long's it been since you had a truly electrifying orgasm? You know one of those outer body, trip to heaven-and-hell, slap in the face kind of experiences?

If you can't remember being sucked into a void of blissfulnes then ExtenZe are for you.

​While most male enhancement pills are created to help guys satisfy their partners, ExtenZe are all about your personal pleasure.

​Their aim is simple: give you an erection and make it feel great while you fuck.

#5 ​Prosolution+

​Worried about blowing your load too early? There's a better way of solving premature ejaculation than thinking about your grandma.

Prosolution+ crams 85 vitamins and minerals together to help stop your rainbow cannon from exploding too early.

​If you're worried that this concoction will dilute the intensity of your orgasm, you'd be dead wrong. ​

By helping you to control when you cum, you'll feel dominant in the bedroom again. Maybe you'll even start talking dirty? The ladies love that btw.

​Review ​Criteria

​With so many supplement suppliers out there, it's only natural that a bunch of them will go out of their way to exploit ​us.

​Before I gave any of the pills the thumbs up, I made sure that they qualified for all of the criteria below:

Criteria 1: ​​Results

​Nobody likes burning money, but that's exactly what you're doing if you buy knock-off male enhancement pills.

​It's vital that you only go for brands that ​are up-front about the ingredients that they include in their pills and have plenty of customer testimonials to back up their claims.

Criteria 2: Speed

​When it comes to sexual performance supplements, it's important to be aware of the balance between being too eager and just plain naive.

​You should at the very minimum start seeing results within 30 days of taking the supplements that I've highlighted on this page.

Criteria 3: Money Back Guarantee

​Although all of the pills I've highlighted have been shown to work in thousands of cases, it's possible that your body may react differently and not get what you're looking for within the time period that they've promised.

In which case, I've made sure that they all offer a money back guarantee if you're at all dissatisfied with what you ordered.

How Male Enhancement Pills Work

​Not long ago, ​male enhancement pills ​were all focused on just helping guys to get harder erections, but as time's gone on they've changed strategy.

​It's almost as if the code to harder erections has well and truly cracked. Now, these companies each offer their own unique ​formulas which have different benefits​ ranging from ​boosting your sex drive to helping you last longer and even boosting your overall energy.

​I'll cover the main ways they work below...

​How They Give You A Harder Erection

​Although your mind might be a little busy while you're in the middle of having mad sex, ​the chances are you're well-aware of the fluid coursing through your erect penis. It's blood.

​You don't need to be Einstein to work out what's missing when you're unable to get hard then.

​​Male enhancement pills work by encouraging your body to increase blood flow to your penis, allowing you to get your erections back.

There are ​lots of different ingredients that help with blood flow so ​don't expect all brands to use the same ones.

​How They Boost Your Sex Drive

​The chances are you've heard of testosterone before, but few people know what it is or what it does.

In simplest terms, it's a hormone that's primarily found in the testes which stimulates the production of sperm.

​Think about this: if you're pumped up with sperm, your body is ​naturally going to want to let it out and it's going to encourage you to have sex in order to do that.

Hello sex drive!

​How They Boost Your Energy Levels

​Although there are many proven ways to boost energy levels from the use of supplements, the main way that sexual supplements achieve this is through the increase in blood flow around the body.

​The extra oxygen circulating around your body allows increased delivery of Oxygen, resulting in a higher production of ATP and the release of more energy!

​How Do Male Enhancement Pills Compare To Drugs Like Viagra?

​If you​'re still weighing up the pros and cons of buying male enhancement pills vs. drugs like viagra or cialis, let me help you decide by highlighting some advantages and disadvantages of using them.


  • ​Help ​You Achieve A Natural Erection - Although professed as a miracle cure, Viagra and Cialis have a pretty sizeable drawback; your erections won't go away in any hurry. You'll be stuck with a hard-on for hours or days which can be pretty uncomfortable. Additionally, it can be quite social awkward if your caught in the wrong situation. Male enhancement pills on the other hand are more focused on helping you achieve erection when you need them.
  • Better Sexual Performance: The supplements used in sexual enhancement pills do​ more than just ​help you get an erection. They also help boost your libido, stamina and endurance, and ​give you bigger and better orgasms!
  • ​100% Organic: Unlike erectile dysfunction drugs, male enhancement pills consist completely of natural ingredients. This means that you don't need to worry about these substances being contaminated or mixed up with other extreme drugs.​
  • ​Assists With Penis Stretching: If you're ​using a penis extender to increase your dick size then you'll want to get results as quickly as possible. ​The pills I've highlighted on this page all help the tissues in your penis to repair giving you more rapid results.


  • No Instant Effects: ​Although penis pills are great for helping ​to get your ​ natural erections back, they take up to 90 days for the full effects to show. If you're looking for immediate results then you may want to consider a synthetic option. Click here to read my review of bluechew.
  • ​Validation: Another drawback of male enhancement pills is that the scientific community is only beginning to understand the benefits of some of the ingredients used in the pills. Although some highly prominent doctors have vouched for the pills I've highlighted, many others are sceptical and so there's still a long way to go in education people about their benefits before their use becomes widely accepted.​

​Conclusion: Synthetic or Natural?

​If you've been having a bit of trouble ​getting an erection and just want things to return to normal then I'd suggest going natural and buying supplements.

If you just want a quick-fix then drugs are the way to go.

​Recommended Male Enhancement Pill

This model has the the highest level of pumping power allowing anyone to get a hard-on within 90 seconds of using it.

Bathmate Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they increase your penis size permanently?

​There is no evidence that any kind of pill can increase the size of your manhood.

​How Often Do You Need To Take The Pills?

​Each brand has different dosage plans. Expect to consume one or two pills daily.

How Long Until They Start Working?

​Most brands will start giving you noticeable results within a week, but you'll need to be patient to start seeing the full results. Within 90 days, they'll be at full capacity and you'll experience the full benefits.

If you're at all unhappy, they will give your money back.