Quick Extender Pro Review

Charlie Chambers
By Charlie Chambers

Considering buying the Quick Extender Pro, but want to read a real review before going ahead?

I bought my friend, John, the device, allowing him to test it out over a period of 6 months and share his experience.

Big thanks to him for putting in the effort!

Before we begin with his story though, here's a quick summary of what to expect...

Quick Extender Pro Review
  • Comfortability
  • Ease Of Use
  • Results

Shortened Review

The Quick Extender Pro is the one of the top penis extenders on the market today. It's comfortable to wear, easy to put on / take off and the customer support is unmatched.

John was able to increase his penis size by 1.1 inches over the course of 6 months by using it daily.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Results within weeks
  • Excellent customer support


  • None

John's Story

In my younger days, I guess you could describe me as one of the 'popular dudes' in school. I was a few years older than the rest, giving me an edge that others couldn't help but admire.

It made life easy; I felt like I was in a position of power.

Unlike the younger kids, people would actually listen to what I was saying.

One day though, that all changed.

It was prom, I had my date and she looked phenomenal.

We were grinding on the dance floor and she gave me 'the eyes'.

I'm like, DAMN. This is on!

Within seconds, we are sleeking away to the ladies toilets. Unsurprisingly, there are two other couples shagging away in the cubicles too.

Young and stupid, we were past caring about that though.

Kissing her neck, I could feel her becoming even more turned on.

Friskily, we undressed each other and I put my penis inside her.

At the start, she looked like she enjoyed it, but after around 30 seconds, I became aware that the two women in the other cubicles were making way more noise.

I took a look at my girl's face and she looked bored...

I wondered if something was wrong.

I asked her if she was enjoying herself and what she said next broke me:

"I don't really feel anything".

The bathroom stood still for a moment.

The other couples started laughing, uncontrollably.

I lost my erection and pulled up my pants.

Stumbling out of the stall, I made my way towards the dance floor again in an effort to forget about what just happened.

However, that wasn't happening, not today.

And the prom king is..."John"

Yup, I was the fucking prom king.

I made my way towards the stage and instantly became aware of the 150 people below me who were aware of what just happened.

Even the random prom queen (not my date) somehow knew.

I was like Bambi in headlights.

That memory burned into my brain and since then, my life has never been the same.

That respect that I once commanded vanished.

In fact, I felt intimidated by others.

All because of the size of my penis.

How I Found Out About Penis Extenders

Naturally, I started searching online for 'penis enlargement' and was quickly hit with a lot of government websites that discouraged any attempts to increase penis size at all.

Sure, I understood that these organisations had a duty to protect people, stopping them from trying undocumented solutions, but there must be something out there that works?

I couldn't be the first guy in existence to want a bigger penis could I?

As I my search deepened, I was relieved to realise that I was not the only one.

There were three different options that promoted penis size growth:

Penis Enlargement Pills

First was called penis enlargement pills these promised a bigger, harder penis. And, whilst those claims were true - having a harder erection is definitely bigger.

It does not help someone like me who wants a longer, wider penis.

Penis Pumps

The next option was penis pumps.

I remember seeing these in a scene in Austin Powers and wondering what they were for.

Digging deeper, I realised that a lot of people assume a penis pump can help you increase your size, but the truth is they can only really increase blood flow, helping you get an erection.

So, no impact on size again unfortunately.

Penis Surgery

The stakes escalated when I started looking at penis enlargement surgery.

This was the first of the methods that I found that actually worked with plenty of proof to show too.

However, the risk of complications put me off.

There's a whole host of horror stories online of these surgeries going wrong.

Problems have ranged from losing sensitivity to having a lopsided penis to death!

Penis Extenders

Lastly, I found penis stretchers (extenders) and was pleasantly surprised to see they were scientifically proven to work with plenty of studies to back them up.

As I became more and more aware of these devices, it became clear this was what I needed if I were to re-gain my confidence.

I then spoke to Charlie at MensToyShop (this site) about doing a review...

Why I Chose the Quick Extender Pro

Researching online, I found the Quick Extender Pro which appeared pretty new in comparison with the other devices available so I decided to explore further.

Here's the noticeable differences I found it comparison with other products:

Professional Looking Website

One thing I've noticed, searching online for penis extenders, is there are so many dodgy looking websites.

I mean, I'm sure that the devices themselves work, but if your website looks like dog-shit, then it's not very encouraging.

Looking at the quick extender pro website (and speaking to their customer support), it's really a cut above the others, in my opinion.

It demonstrates clearly how the device works, prices, case studies etc.

I was very impressed.

Here's a link if you want to check it out:

[Website link]

Suits All Budgets

In terms of price, I've got to say I was pretty impressed.

Most penis extenders start set you back $400+

However, the QEP had multiple options which means anyone can afford it.

I was able to get in on a special deal for 80% off the normal price.

It should still be available, just click here to check

Double Strap Design

From looking around, most devices secured your penis using either one strap or a loop, which makes sense - you need to apply the stretch somehow.

The QEP has made a slight innovation though by adding an extra strap.

The theory is that using 2 straps (rather than 1), the Quick Extender Pro distributes the strain while providing a tighter grip with no chance of slippage.

Although I hadn't tried other devices, I definitely found myself comfortable and secure.

Discreet packaging

Living on my own, I'm not particularly worried about receiving a parcel in the mail (there's no-one else in my apartment to open it).

However, in the off change, my neighbour does take them for me when I'm outs so I wanted to make sure that the packaging was robust enough not to give the game away.

After speaking to the customer support team inspection on their website and actually receiving the parcel, I can confirm it was.

Made in United States

The last thing I wanted was for the the penis extender to be produced in a country with no health and safety standards.

FYI - many penis extenders are!

I noticed that the Quick Extender Pro was made in the US which was a big plus in my books as I felt I could trust it in my private areas.

Money Back Guarantee

There are a lot of money back guarantees being flung around in the penis extender market.

They range from a simple 14-day no questions asked deal to a more risky offer where you get you get double your money back if you don't see results after 1000+ hours of use.

All good, but it would be even better if there was something in-between.

And the team behind Quick Extender Pro have delivered that...

They give your money back within 6 months if you're not satisfied with the device. Nice and simple. I dig that.

Ordering The Device

I mentioned already that the Quick Extender Pro website was top class so rest assured that the ordering process is pretty seamless.

With that in mind, there are a couple of different models on offer.

I'll go through the benefits of each of them now.

Value edition

For only $119.93, you can get their cheapest model which does all of the same things as any other model, but the tension levels don't go quite as high - 3000g instead of the 4000g in the standard / deluxe models.

It also comes with a measuring tape to check on your progress as you use it.

Unfortunately with this model, there is no money back guarantee, so I wouldn't recommend going for it, even though it is the cheapest.


The standard model is $179.93 and has the same functionality as the value edition, but with a little more tension available - 3500g.

It's guarantee to work and also comes with a free month supply of Rizer XL, a male enhancement pill that helps increase your erection strength.


Lastly, they have their premium model, priced at $349.93.

It can crank right up to 4000g of tension to give you even faster gains.

I wouldn't start with this level of tension though as it can cause you irritation - but it's great having that option.

And, it also comes with a penis pump and 3 months of Rizer XL male enhancement pills.

Is it worth paying the extra $170 for these accessories?

Personally, I didn't think so. I went for the standard model.

Link to 80% discount

These prices are part of a sale they've got on at the moment offering 80% off.

I'm not sure if it will last much longer.

Click here to check their prices.

Delivery & Unboxing

As promised, the Quick Extender Pro was delivered in a very discreet box as shown below:

Assembly & Putting It On

Opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the device was largely pre-assembled and there weren't a lot of small parts.

It's so annoying when a product arrives and you have to sift through pages of instructions before you can get it working!

The only thing you really need to do is add on (or take away) the length of the rods to get the right size for your penis.

My Experience

I've got to be honest, initially, I found wearing the Quick Extender Pro pretty weird; having a device strapped to you penis isn't exactly what I'm used to.

Also, you do need to take it off every few hours to pee and circulate the blood around you penis.

It took me about 10 days to get into the swing of things. After I was in a routine, I barely thought about it anymore.

Much in the same way as I would put in my contact lenses or have a shower in the morning, I'd put on the penis extender too without trouble.

My Results After 6 Months

Over the course of 6 months use, I was able to increase my penis size from 4.1 inches to 5.2 inches.

Here's the timeline so you can get an idea of what to expect:

Month 14.2 inches90 Hours Use
Month 24.4 inches200 Hours Use
Month 34.6 inches300 Hours Use
Month 44.8 inches300 Hours Use
Month 55 inches300 Hours Use
Month 65.3 inches300 Hours Use
Summary+1.1 inch gain1590 Hours Total

Note: make sure you don't forget to to remove the device every 2 hours and massage your penis to circulate the blood flow.

How It Has Changed My Life

It's strange to think that just by increasing the size of your penis, it can affect so many other areas of life too.

What I noticed more than anything was a boost in confidence.

I felt less shy talking to women I found attractive. I was no Casanova, but it was a huge difference compared to the awkward mess I was before.

The other night, I was out in a bar with my friends and a woman started talking to me.

Before, I would have frozen up, worrying that if we did end up having sex, she would later on be disappointed or laugh.

In that moment though, I was completely in the moment. Yes, she was laughing, but this time, at my jokes.

I got her number and we ended up having incredible sex the following week. I could actually feel her orgasms!

To me, having a bigger sized penis was more about feeling a greater sense of self-worth than anything else.


I would absolutely recommend the Quick Extender Pro Review to anyone looking to increase the size of their penis and boost their confidence. It worked exceedingly well for me and I plan to continue using it to achieve even greater gains.

The $179.93 price tag is a bargain.

Get 80% Off The Price

Quick Extender Pro FAQs

How soon can I expect to see results?

Personally, I started seeing results around week 2. However, I can everyone's body is different so this may vary.

Are there any side effects?

At the early stages, I had a slight discomfort, however after getting used to the feeling of the Quick Extender Pro (around 10 days), it was no longer an issue.

Will I lose my enlargement gains if I stop using Quick Extender Pro?

No - my penis is still the same size after stopping using it for a month now.

How many hours a day do you need to wear the Quick Extender Pro to see results?

It really depends on how quickly you want to see results. Obviously, the higher the tension level, the faster it will happen, but you don't want to overstrain.

I started on an hour per day and built it up to 8 hours per day over the course of 6 months.

Does It add girth as well as length?

Yes, I noticed my penis got wider too.

What if I get an erection while the Quick Extender Pro is on?

This happened to me a bunch of times and I wasn't sure if I'd be okay. However, the Quick Extender Pro just adjusted to the angle of my erection.

Charlie Chambers
Hey, my name's Charlie and I'm a sex therapist from LA. Over the last 20 years, I've helped thousands of men to overcome their sexual health problems. I aim to use this site to help even more men enjoy more fulfilling sex lives.