SizeGenetics Review

Charlie Chambers
By Charlie Chambers

My friend Jack had been looking for a way to increase his penis for a few years and so, I bought him this device in exchange for an honest review.

Thanks for sharing!

Before we jump into his story though, here’s a summary for anyone who’s short of time:

SizeGenetics Review

Product Name: SizeGenetics

Product Description: The most comfortable penis extender on the market

Price: $199.95

  • Comfortability
  • Ease Of Use
  • Affordability

Shortened Review

SizeGenetics is easy to use and very comfortable to wear. My friend Jack used it over the course of 6 months to achieve a 1.9 inch increase in penis size, which he was delighted with.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Results within weeks
  • Money-back guarantee


  • None

Jack's Story

Over the past 6 months, I've used SizeGenetics to achieve a 1.9 inch increase in penis size!

In this review, I'm going to share exactly how I achieved these results and how you can too.

Before you commit to buying it though, I want you to know that it's no walk in the park.

In fact, far from it.

Stretching your penis takes a great deal of time but let me reassure you, it's definitely worth it!

For years, I was unhappy with my size; it all stemmed from being made fun of at school.

I felt totally inadequate compared with others and my confidence was extremely low.

It's strange to think how often you need confidence isn't it?

Normal tasks like applying for jobs became overwhelming.

And, when it came to the ladies, I wasn't going anywhere fast.

I could tell some girls were into me, but the thought of seeing a girl laugh at me during sex was hard to bear.

Eventually, that pain became all too real...

During college, I had mustered up the courage to bring a girl back to my place.

I remember the fake moans as she tried to cover up her discontent.

That night, I never felt so low in my life.

It was at that moment I decided to make a change.

I started researching penis enlargement.

Quickly, it became clear how many scammers there were.

How do I know this? Admittedly, I fell for them.

I wasted hundreds of dollars on penis pills and pumps with zero results!

The other option was penile surgery.

However, with the costs running into the thousands and the potential loss of sensitivity, it was simply not a risk I was comfortable taking.

I had just about come to terms with the fact that my penis size was never going to change.

Then, I read about someone's experience with penis extenders and instantly, I was back in the game, filled with hope.

This time though, I decided not just to just make an impulse buy.

Instead, I would make sure the products were guaranteed to work.

I discovered that penis stretchers were the only way that had been clinically proven to increase your penis size.

During my research, I found a study from 2009 where they got a group of men to wear penis extenders for 6 months and recorded the difference in their size.

Shockingly, the average size increase was an 2.3cm - almost an inch!

My first thought was...

If I were to increase my size by that much, I'd be on par with the US average!

The average penis size in the United States is 5.1 inches by the way.

And, with this study being 10 years old now, the devices they used must have been pretty primitive compared to what's available now.

Searching online for the best penis extenders, I noticed time and again that the product reviews kept coming top of the list.

With the knowledge that many product reviewers had favoured this device, I became even more excited at the prospect of impressing ladies with a bigger sized penis.

Before I got carried away, I collected my thoughts and considered that these reviewers were only a small sample of the number of people who used the device.

I looked for feedback from real customers and the results were just as positive. I must have spent several hours pouring over those reviews looking for potential flaws.

When I saw that they offered a money-back guarantee too, I was sold.

I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

By the way, when I bought, they were doing a 40% discount on their normal prices. I believe it's still running...

Click here if you want to check.

Delivery & Unboxing

One of my biggest reservations about buying SizeGenetics was that it could lead to some embarrassing situations if it got into the wrong hands.

I was particularly aware of this because my neighbour (who I'm actually rather attracted to) usually collects my parcels for me.

Luckily, I was reassured by the online sales rep that all packages are extremely discreet and, true to their word, it was.

When it was delivered, she was none the wiser.

Here's what to expect when it arrives:

Putting It Together

Another worry of mine was that I may need to spend an exorbitant amount of time putting it together.

So, I was delighted to discover that it came pre-assembled.

The only thing I needed to do was attach it to my penis and I was off to the races!

For your reference, there were 5 key parts in total:

  • A plastic ring that fits around the base of your penis
  • Two metal bars that attach to the plastic ring with thumb screws that can change the traction levels
  • A plastic support that slots into the metal bars
  • The strap to keep your penis in place
  • A comforter to place between your penis and the strap

The device also comes with extra metal bars that you can easily screw on allowing you to adjust to the size.

You'll want to have the bars extend about 1 centimentre longer than the size of your flaccid penis to make sure there is enough traction.

Here's what it looks like fully assembled:

sizegenetics review

How It Works

Penis extenders work through traction.

This means applying a consistent stretch to your penis and over time, it increases in size, much like an elastic band.

You can apply different levels of traction to the springs inside the metal bars and it will apply more or less of a stretch.

Obviously, the more traction you apply, the quicker it will increase your size.

However, there's a caveat.

You can't just go straight to the full intensity; you need to ease yourself into it.

In the same way that you wouldn't lift the heaviest weight in the gym as a beginner, you don't want to overdo your penis stretching either.

How To Use It Properly

Step 1:

Fasten the plastic ring to the base of your penis (make sure that the metal bars are already attached as it can be awkward adding them on in a strange position).

Step 2:

Make sure the metal bars are running parallel with the shaft of your penis then slot them into the plastic support.

Note: you can add more bars if you need more size

Step 3:

Add the comforter around the head of your penis then fasten it in by feeding the strap through the wholes of the plastic support.

Here's the official video showing you it's done:

My Results After 6 Months

Over the course of 6 months using device, I was able to increase my penis size from 4.4 inches to 6 inches, beating the national average.

Here's my 'size timeline' so you can get an idea of what to expect:

Month 14.4 inches
Month 24.6 inches
Month 35.0 inches
Month 45.3 inches
Month 55.6 inches
Month 66.0 inches

The Programme I Followed

From what I've read online, some guys come up with their own penis enlargement routines to fit their schedule and get faster results.

However, to be on the safe side, I just followed the official programme. Here it is:

Week 1:

2-3 hours use per day with traction levels 600-900g

Week 2:

3-4 hours use per day with traction levels 600-900g

Week 3:

4-5 hours use per day with traction levels 600-900g

Week 4:

4-6 hours use per day with traction levels 600-900g

Week 5:

6-7 hours use per day with traction levels 600-900g

Week 6:

7-8 hours use per day with traction levels 600-900g

Week 7 and onwards:

8-12 hours use per day with traction levels 900-1200g


Every 2 hours, you'll want to remove the device and massage your penis to circulate the blood flow.

How It Changed My Life

It's strange to think that just by increasing the size of your penis, it can affect so many other areas of life too.

What I noticed more than anything was a boost in confidence.

I felt less shy talking to women I found attractive.

Sure, I was no Casanova, but it was a huge difference compared to the awkward mess I was before.

Just the other night, I was out in a bar with my friends and you'll never guess... my neighbour was there.

BEFORE, I would have frozen up, worrying that if we did end up having sex, she would later be disappointed or laugh.

At that time though, I felt completely in the moment.

Yes, she was laughing, but this time, at my jokes and we ended up heading back to her place.

I could actually feel her orgasms!

To me, having a bigger sized penis was more about feeling a greater sense of self-worth than anything else.

Review Summary

To conclude my SizeGenetics review, I would absolutely recommend the device for anyone looking to increase the size of their penis and boost their confidence.

It worked exceedingly well for me and I plan to continue using it to achieve even greater gains.

Here's a link to their 40% offer if you want to save some money when you're buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I wrote this review, a bunch of people messaged me asking about the device.

Here are my most common question and answers...

Can You Wear It While You Sleep?

Yes, you can. However, if you're prone to moving around a lot during sleep then it may cause discomfort.

I'd only do this if you're one of those people who hits the bed and it's lights out!

Is Shipping Discreet?

Yes, my device arrived in a plain brown with no signs that it could be anything of concern.

How Quickly Will I See Gains?

There are three factors that impact the speed at which you'll see gains.

First is the length of time you wear the device.

By applying a consistent stretch throughout the day, you're going to give your penis more opportunity to increase in size.

Second is the level of tension you apply to the penis extender. The more you add, the quicker you'll see results.

With that in mind, you shouldn't just crank it up to the top setting right away otherwise you could feel a degree of discomfort and result in less usage time so it's a bit of a balancing act in that respect.

Lastly, a good diet will increase blood flow and result in faster results too.

Click here to read my full guide on supplements for better blood flow.

Does It Hurt?

I won't lie to you; using a penis extender does take a little bit of getting used to. However, I wouldn't stay that it hurts.

In fact, I wouldn't even say it's uncomfortable - it's just 'different'.

From what I've read, SizeGenetics is designed to be most comfortable out of all the penis extenders on the market, and I can certainly testify as to the comfort levels.

Can You Wear It If You're Uncircumcised?

Yes, I'm uncircumcised and have had no problems.

How Many Hours a Day Do You Need To Wear It To Gain an Inch?

I wore the device for 8 hours a day on average for 6 months and achieved a 1.3 inches gain in length.

So, I'd estimate around about that.

Is There a Minimum or Maximum Size Required?

On their website, they state that the device will fit most guys from 2 Inches – 9 Inches.

If you are over 9 inches... why are you even reading this? You've got it big enough already?

Does It Work With a MicroPenis?

If your erect penis size is less than 2 inches, unfortunately, SizeGenetics may not be suitable for you.

I'd recommend speaking to your doctor.

Are The Results Permanent?

From my experience so far, yes.

I stopped using the extender 1 month after my 6-month programme and the size increase is still going strong.

The results from the clinical trials also show the results are lasting.

I’ve also been using a Penis Pump since I stopped using SizeGenetics. This has actually increased my length and girth even more.

Can You Wear It Under Your Clothes?

If you wear extremely loose and baggy clothing then, yes, you can wear it under your clothes without it showing.

I'd say that if you work in an office environment, it's probably best to stick to wearing it whilst at home.

Does It Increase Girth as well as Length?

SizeGenetics focuses most on increasing your length.

You might notice a gain in girth due to the increased blood flow but that’s about it.

Am I Too Young or Old To Use It?

You have to be at least 18 years old to buy and use this penis extender.

According to the website men of up to 70 years old have successfully gained size with SizeGenetics.

If you are younger than 18 or older than 70 it’s not recommended to use this device.

Can SizeGenetics Help Straighten a Curved Penis?

I’ve not used it for this reason (I don’t have a curved penis), but SizeGenetics was originally developed to straighten a curved penis.

Charlie Chambers
Hey, my name's Charlie and I'm a sex therapist from LA. Over the last 20 years, I've helped thousands of men to overcome their sexual health problems. I aim to use this site to help even more men enjoy more fulfilling sex lives.