Prosolution+ Review

By Charlie Chambers
Updated: 05 Sep 2021
Category: Performance

​If you've been searching for a male enhancement pill that actually works then you might want to consider Prosolution Plus.

What sets this supplement apart from the rest is its focus on helping guys ​stave off climaxing allowing to give their partner more pleasure.

The ingredients used are have all been used for hundreds of years to achieve these results but it's only now, through Prosolution Plus, that they've been combined together to deliver these awesome results.

​Why Choose ​Prosolution+?

​The makers of ​Prosolution Plus have done an ​incredible job ​in creating this truly unique formula.

​Clinically Tested

​Very few ​penis enhancement companies have their supplements tested in clinical trials due to the costs involved. However, Prosolution Plus have gone out of their way to ensure that the product they're offering works.

​Approved By Doctors

​By ​seeking the advice from experienced doctors who deal with erectile dysfunction and male sexual performance, the formu​lation ​is safer than just about any other pill on the market.

​No 'Filler' Ingredients

​Many companies will add ​cheap ingredients to their formula to bulk them out and make more profit.

However, Prosolution Plus keeps it simple with only ingredients that actively help you maintain solid erections and hold off from ejaculating too early.


​When it comes to enhancing your sex life, there is absolutely no point in faffing about with ingredients that don't work.

The follong ingredients combine over 4,000 years in Ayurvedic tradition and Chinese medicine to give you harder and stronger erections whenever you need them.

​A study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics ​showed men with premature ejaculation problems saw a 64% improvement ​while taking these pills.


Also called shilajit, asphaltum is a mineral wax with medicinal properties highly prized in Ayrveda as a natural remedy for sexua; dysfuntion and premature ejactulation. It's rich in antioxidants and believed to stimulate release of cytokines by activated immunologic cells.

Tribulus Terrestris

​​A traditional Chinese herb long used as an aphrodisiac. Studies reveal that tribulus terrestris relaxes the corpora cavernosum and shows significant increases in intracavernous pressure, offering natural help to men with erection difficulties/

​Withania Somnifera

​A 2003 Italian study found that withania somnifera increased nitric oxide, which helps relax the corpora cavernosum, increasing blood flow to the penis for a larger erection

​Curculigo Orchioides

​The rhizomes of curculigo orchioides are linked to increased sexual freqency, mating performance and erection quality. Curculigo orchioides are also proven proven to reduce hesitation to engage in sexual activity.

​Asparagus Adscendens

​With evidence pointing to an inhibitory effect on proinflammatory cytokines, asparagus adscenens may provide natural relief for stress and inflammatory conditions

​Asteracantha Longifolia

​Studies show that asteracantha longifolia increases attradction to female sexual partners. As well, it's noted to significantly increase sperm. In the Prosolution Plus formula clinical study, it helped men have more frequent and powerful orgasms and better control over ejaculations.

Side Effects

​You shouldn't expect any major side-effets from taking ​Prosolution Plus on a regular basis. With that in mind, it is worthwhile to get advice from your doctor if you are in any doubt.

​All of the ingredients are ​100% natural so there's no need to worry about that strange chemicals may be added to the mix.

​Comparison With ED Pills

​Male enhancement ​supplements like Prosolution+ aim to replicate the effects of erectile dysfunction pills but without the nasty side-effects.

You can expect the following:

  • ​Increased sex drive
  • ​Better orgasms
  • ​Harder erections

With this in mind, Viagra does have it's place. Check out my review of BlueChew for a full breakdown on the situations that you might consider using it.

​How Much Does ​Prosolution+ Cost?

Buying more ​Prosolution+ pills will reduce the cost.

​With that in mind, ​they regularly run promotions so the prices fluctuate regularly.



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