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Have you noticed that just about every sex toy shop tends to over-hype their products?

From “earth-shattering orgasms” to “doubling your dick-size” it’s all there.

Yet, so many of these claims are completely unfounded; they’re just lies told to make more sales.

They don’t offer refunds after-use because the products aren’t usable again.

And, they know full well that nobody is going to complain about a dud because of the nature of sex toys.

With that being said, there are some great products out there (both new and old), they just take a bit of searching.

To solve this problem, we decided to start reviewing the best sex toys so that people who’re new to the party don’t miss out.

We keep all our reviews as simple as possible and only recommend products that we truly believe are worth paying for.

Our Latest Sex Toy Reviews:

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JES Extender Review – Still The Best?

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