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Had Enough Of Sad Wanks?

Get a load of this

Judging how often we masturbate, you'd think we're all having a splendid ol' time!

Wouldn't you?

Well, consider this...

How many of your most recent 'sessions' have actually been enjoyable?

Yeah sure, you came.


Was it any more than just a clearing of the pipes though?

A lonely discharge that's more worth being called a medical procedure than an orgasm?

You know the steps:

  1. Open incognito mode
  2. Open porn website
  3. Search usual category
  4. Scroll past previously watched porn
  5. Test a couple of newish clips
  6. Revert to tried and tested porn
  7. Pump one out as quickly as possible

Then, right after you've came, there's that brief moment of quiet.

And THAT, gentlemen, is what we're addicted to.


EVEN the porn star you were fapping off to, with her fake moans, had a better time!

The Problem

Although all of us are masturbating on a regular basis, we rarely, if ever, discuss best practices.

Do we dare discuss what feels good sexually?

Fuck. No.

So, we're left to discover how things work on our own.

Or by watching porn, which we all know is fake, so there will be no REAL lessons there.

Women Are Miles Ahead!

Now, while us men are fiddling about with throw-away wanks, women have been out there pioneering!

They've been experimenting under the radar with what turns them on, what tickles their pickle and sharing their results.

Who are these women?

Let me tell you a secret.

You bloody know them!

They are your friends, your co-workers, your boss, your employees...

They're all around us.

Women have got their SHIT TOGETHER when it comes to masturbation!

Because of all that pooled knowledge - their orgasms are much more intense than ours.

And, don't even get me started on their use of sex toys...

Because of their better understanding of what they like and where they like it, women know exactly which product to buy to get them off.

Studies show that in America around 78% of women own a sex toy!

Meanwhile, men are far lagging behind with only 51% saying they owned a sex toy (and those were cock rings!)

Now, here's the really ridiculous part!

More recently, sex toys have become widely accessible to men too.

You don't need to sneak into a sleazy sex shop to pick up the goodies anymore.

It's all up for grabs online.

Unfortunately though, the lack of guidance for men makes it difficult to de-cypher what will make you orgasm and what will cause immeasurable and lasting pain.

It is, gents, for that reason was born.

To research, review and dispense information about male sex and masturbation practices so they everyone can achieve earth shattering orgasms.

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I've searched high and low to create a list of the top 10 male sex toys that will give you mind Blowing orgasms.
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Wondering which sex toys pack the biggest punch?

You're not alone.

I've searched high and low to create a list of the top 10 male sex toys that will give you mindblowing orgasms.

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Who Runs This Site?

Hello, my name's Charlie!

I'm a sex therapist from Los Angeles.

I've spoken to thousands of men over the last 20 years and have realized that the same questions keep coming up time and time again.

For that reason, I decided to create a website that provides all the information guys need to have a better time during masturbation and sex.

Although my primary goal is to help men to experience better orgasms, I have noticed through my practice that through the course of their treatments, the guys I've been coaching have an even better quality of life too.