WeVibe Verge Review

By Charlie Chambers
Updated: 06 Sep 2021
Category: Performance
WeVibe Verge Review

Playtime for him has never been so important. Slip into this vibrating ring and experience not only delicious constriction but an intense perineum massage to tip you over the edge. Controllable via remote, enjoy hands-free pleasure, together or alone.

​WeVibe Verge Review Summary

​Luxuriously lengthen your lovemaking sessions thanks to the super-smooth silicone of the Lelo Tor 2.

WeVibe Verge Review

​​WeVibe Verge​ Details

Playtime for him has never been so important. Slip into this vibrating ring and experience not only delicious constriction but an intense perineum massage to tip you over the edge. Controllable via remote, enjoy hands-free pleasure, together or alone.

A unique and comfortable design, crafted from silky smooth silicone sits gently around the base of your penis and balls, transmitting stimulating vibrations to the perineum and beyond.

With over 10 vibration modes to choose from you can explore tailored pleasure to your liking. Verge is a very versatile toy which can be worn in different ways to find a position most comfortable for you, or for your partner's pleasure.

USB rechargeable and waterproof, this is perfect for aquatic or on-the-go play.

Add a little lube to slide easily over the balls and penis.


  • ​Ease to use app
  • ​Powerful vibrations
  • ​Vibrates shaft, clit and vagina
  • ​Smooth satin material
  • Chargeable (no batteries)
  • ​Stretchy rings
  • ​Very​ quiet
  • ​Comfortable


  • ​Battery life could be longer

​Key Features

​Guche ​Stimulation

​Unless you plan on having a marathon sex session where you're constantly vibrating then this toy won't fail you.

​Over 10 Vibration Modes

​Just like sex, this cock ring can go at different speeds.

​With 6 different settings to choose from you can ramp up your vibration settings to give your partner mega clitoral stimulation.


​Unlike many cock rings, the silicone in the Lelo Tor 2 is stretching and has a premium feeling to it too.

​That means it will be easy to slip on and off while at the same time giving you a comfortable fit.

​User Feedback

I​ got this for my partner as he doesn't have many male toys and this one look interesting.When he tried it for the first time it was so funny because we were trying to figure out how you put it on before reading the instructions and at first he thought it was a cock ring and quickly discovered it wasn't because the hole was too big, so we figured it wasn't just his cock that needs going in but his balls too lol.After we figured out how it goes on it was pretty easy to go on. The man must be soft for it to go on and you will need plenty of lube. Once it's on it makes the cock look bigger. I love using the app on my phone to tease him with all the different vibrations because it makes him even hornier.

​Works like it said. My man got harder then I thought possible. Very enjoyable for him and her. Why not put it on and let your partner have the remote for a bit more fun.Rechargeable, which is another plus. At first we went to get another We-Vibe product, but it wasn't in stock, so we decided on this. Very thankful we did.

​This product is amazing and worth every penny takes the pleasure to the next level!It’s powerful but pleasurable and you're in complete control with the mobile app or side buttons. Use to your advantage, great for foreplay leave him waiting but control the ring from outside the bedroom give him a little taste of what he’s in for. Amazing.

​I'm not a man who particularly enjoys vibrating cock toys. I have a lot of cock rings that vibrate or dedicated vibrators for cocks, and in the end, I always find myself disappointed and just reverting back to using a magic wand, because nothing quite compares. If, like me, you're not big on cock vibrations, get ready to change your perspective with the Verge.This thing charges up fast. An hour via USB got three play sessions out of it. And these are *not* short sessions.The app itself is as clear and simple and easy to understand as it could possibly be, so if you don't consider yourself techy, you'll still be able to find a way through using this toy.In the past, I've had bad experiences with app-controlled vibes. Primarily the fact the apps don't bloody work and have the functionality of a chocolate teapot. So consider my shock when I synched this up with my OH currently about 150 miles away. Then consider my shock even more so when we posted it on our FetLife and it was working 6000 miles away. This thing doesn't joke when it says it works anywhere in the world. We've tested it. It does. As long as you have wifi or data, this toy will work for you.As for the toy itself, the patterns are more intense than anything I've ever felt in a cock vibrator before. The toy is excellent at giving deep, rumbly vibrations to the perineum if that's up your alley. Or you can simply use it as any cock ring and flick through the speeds and patterns at will. The lowest setting is about as strong as a cheap £10 bullet vibe. The highest setting blows your bloody socks off. The available patterns are a refreshing change from the usual pre-made rhythms you get on a lot of toys, and the option to create your own pattern is exceptional when you and your partner know your body better than any toy company ever will.My only dropped points for this toy come from the fact that sometimes if your signal disconnects mid-play, it has trouble re-synching and you may both have to entirely restart your apps to get functionality back. The toy itself is flawless, the app is close to perfect but not quite there.

​his is our second We-Vibe toy to try and the quality from opening the box is obvious.We have used cock rings before and my husband found this one particularity hard to get on however once in place it was very comfortable. The material is of a nicer feel than the original We-Vibe we bought also.The vibrations are very strong when comparing to cheaper rings. It can be used in a number of different orientation with the best for us with the vibrations on the perineum the best for adding to general sex.It goes a long way towards replacing the other rings in the collection but is a little too hard to get on for spur-of-the-moment situations.

​Bought this and arrived quickly. It's good fun to play with and with someone controlling it its a blast.


​The ​WeVibe Verge is, in my opinion, the best cock ring available.

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WeVibe Verge Review