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How To Straighten Your Curved Penis

Charlie Chambers
By Charlie Chambers
Last Updated: March 6, 2019

Article Summary

Peyronie's disease is caused by injury to the penis during an erection. This may be from poor penis stretching practices or

The best way to straighten your curved penis is to use a Peyronie's disease penis extender called SizeGenetics.


Who doesn't want the perfect body, eh?

It's natural to look at yourself in the mirror and make comparisons with others, get sad and want change.

Sometimes those feelings are unfounded such as changing your height or eye color (which is near enough impossible).

However, other times, these issues can make your life difficult both emotionally and physically.

And, there are things you can do about them.

Just like losing weight or whitening your teeth, correcting the curvature in your penis can be sorted out.

Before we jump in any further, it is worthwhile asking yourself:

"Does my penis cause any real problems?"

These problems may be practical (like peeing) or sexual (erectile dysfunction).

If there are, in fact, problems then you may have what doctors call 'Peyronie's Disease'.

What is Peyronie's Disease?

In simplest terms, it's when scarring on the inside tissues of your penis causes it to curve to one side preventing it from normal use.

What Causes Peyronie's Disease

The most common reason that men develop Peyronie's Disease is through an injury whilst erect.

Sometimes, these injuries will be more sudden like if you're having sex and your partner sits on your penis in a strange manner.

Other times, these injuries may be more prolonged. This is more common when men use penis stretching techniques like Jelqing and penis weights to try and increase their penis size.

How To Straighten Your Penis

Get Penis Surgery

For a while, the only way to correct a curved penis was to get penile surgery. This involved a series of difficult procedures that carried significant risk.

Use A Penis Extender

Instead of going under the knife, it's more common for men these days to use a device called a penis extender to correct Peyronie's Disease.

Although it is called a penis extender, the truth is that it was originally created with the intent of helping men to correct penile curvature.

It works by applying small amounts of tension to tear the muscle tissues in the penis, gradually resulting in restoration to a normal shape.

The added benefit of this method is that your penis is likely to get larger too.

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