The Top 5 Penis Extenders

A penis extender is the safest & most effective way of increasing your size. With so many options though, choosing the best one can be a daunting task so we’ve ranked the best devices alongside their features to help you make a better decision.

Our Recommendation:

An affordable, comfort-focused penis extender that has been clinically proven to get results

SizeGenetics Logo

Pick Number 1:

With a focus on comfortability, SizeGenetics has created the most usable penis extender on the market allowing you to wear it for longer and achieve more gains than other devices.

Most Comfortable

Results Guaranteed

Strap Focused Design

Beginner Friendly

Clinically Proven

2800g Tension Available

Price Range: $299.95

JES Extender Logo

Pick Number 2:
JES Extender

The first penis extender on the market, the JES Extender has received huge support from the media for its ability to lengthen the penis. They stress no gimmicks and focus on delivering fast results.

The First Of Its Kind

Results Guaranteed

Silicon Tube Based

High-End Design

Clinically Proven

4,000g Tension Available

Male Edge Pro Logo

Pick Number 3:
Male Edge

The team that created the widely popular JES Extender has followed up with the Male Edge, an innovative new design that is more affordable and comfortable than the original model.

The First Of Its Kind

Results Guaranteed

Silicon Tube Based

High-End Design

Clinically Proven

2,800g Tension Available

Phallosan Logo

Pick Number 4:
Phallosan Forte

The only penis extender on the market that makes use of suction to hold your penis in place resulting in less irritation allowing you to use the device even while you are sleeping.

The First Of Its Kind

Results Guaranteed

Silicon Tube Based

High-End Design

Clinically Proven

Widely Publicised

Quick Extender Pro

Pick Number 5:
Quick Extender PRO

The British-made Quick Extender Pro makes use of an ergonomic design allowing you to wear the device while you’re on the move. Their innovative double-strap also enhances grip during use.

The First Of Its Kind

Results Guaranteed

Silicon Tube Based

High-End Design

Clinically Proven

4,000g Tension Available

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a device used to stretch the length and girth of your penis.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

If you were to stretch a balloon, it would hold more air - penis extenders work in the same way.

By attaching a strap to the base and top of your penis and applying a constant stretch along the shaft causing it to become longer, thicker and harder.

Are They Safe To Use?
Yes. We only endorse penis extension devices that have:

a) An FDA class 1 medical classification
b) A European CE health stamp
c) Approval from trained doctors
d) Been through rigorous clinical trials

Do They Hurt To Use?

Depending on which brand you buy and the manner in which they are used can cause different results.

Some devices are more comfortable than others and easier to use.

Additionally, if you crank the tension levels on the device up to the max, then this may lead to some soreness.

We recommend that you start off your penis enlargement journey on a low tension level to get used to it.

Are the results permanent?
Yes. By applying a constant tension upon the shaft of your penis, it will cause an increase in the number of cells causing permanent results.
How long does it take to achieve results?

Results typically vary depending on the individual.

Most manufacturers guarantee results within 6 months, however many people notice a difference in a few weeks.

How long per day should you use the device?

We suggest using the device for at least 3-6 hours per day in order to achieve results.

In the first month, longer use may cause discomfort so we recommend starting on a couple of hours per day and easing yourself in.

Will it increase your flaccid and erect length?
Yes, you will see an increase in both your flaccid and erect penis length.
What happens if you continue to use the device?
Your penis size will continue to increase in size.
If you stop using a penis extender, will it go back to the original size?
No, once you increase the cells in your penis through stretching, the results will be permanent.
How visible is a penis extender under your clothes?

Penis extenders can be worn discreetly under boxer shorts and loose fitting trousers. If you have a non-physical job you can even wear it while you’re at work without anyone knowing.

Can you wear a penis extender whilst sleeping?

Yes, many people do this without problems. However, if you move around a lot during sleep, you may find it uncomfortable.

Do they increase girth as well as length?
Yes, by promoting general tissue growth along the whole penis you will see an increase in length as well as girth.
Can penis extenders correct a curved penis?

Yes, penis extenders can be used to treat Peyronies disease.

We have written a detailed article on this here.

Do penis extenders work if you're circumcised?

Yes, penis extenders work whether you are circumcised or not.

Do you need a minimum penis size to use a penis extender?

This depends on the device you buy. Most devices are able to work with penis sizes from 2 inches to 9 inches.