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How To Measure Your Penis Size

Charlie Chambers
By Charlie Chambers
Last Updated: October 12, 2018

Quick Version

To measure your penis size, give yourself an erection then place a ruler on top of your penis and check the distance to the tip. This is your length.

To measure the girth (circumference), wrap a piece of string around the middle section of the shaft, then place the string on your ruler to check the size.

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Let's not beat around the bush...

Men lie about their penis size.

They lie to women, they lie to other men and they lie to themselves.

They do it because they don't want to appear inferior and reduce their social standing.

And, what has happened is a 'penis size inflation' where every year, the average penis size increases because men need to feel that they are bigger than normal.

All this does is it make women disappointed when they see the real thing.

Wouldn't it be better to be honest with yourself and understand what size you really are?

Another benefit of knowing your size is that you will be able to buy condoms that actually fit.

If you need to measure your penis size, then this guide will help you!

How To Measure Your Penis Size Accurately

The two key dimensions you need to consider when measuring your penis are length and circumference.

Penis Length

The trouble with measuring your penis length is nobody really knows what they are measuring.

As I mentioned earlier, the only real reasons you would be interested in this is to impress others and to get condoms that fit right.

For that reason, you'll want to measure yourself while erect.

The other issue is where to measure from.

Some guys measure from the bottom of their balls and think they are bigger than they really are.

The truth is penis length is measured from the base of the shaft (where your penis meets the groin) to the tip of the penis.

To get your size correctly, give yourself an erection then press a ruler into the groin over the top of your penis and measure the distance to the end of your penis.

Penis Girth

Arguably a more important metric for women is the penis girth. Reason being, having a larger girth will mean they can feel you against the sides of their vagina.

To measure girth, take a string and wrap it around your penis, mark the beginning and the end and then measure it with a ruler.

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