Lelo Tor 2 Review

By Charlie Chambers
Updated: 06 Sep 2021
Category: Performance
Lelo Tor Review

​If you and your partner are looking for a premium cock ring that will massively enhance both of your orgasms then look no further!

​Lelo Tor 2​ Details

Luxuriously lengthen your lovemaking sessions thanks to the super-smooth silicone of the Lelo Tor 2. This rechargeable vibrating cock ring works not only to stimulate you and your partner, but can boost the size and firmness of your erections too.

With 100% more power than the original Lelo Tor cock ring and 6 powerful, individually adjustable vibrating patterns to enjoy, both you and your partner can experience incredible pleasure from this luxury sex toy. The settings can be easily controlled using the plus and minus buttons on the side to reduce any clumsy fumbling around.

Comprised of two parts, the Tor 2 comes with a rigid square bullet vibrator at the top which transmits intense sensations to the clitoris during play. The second is the stretchy silicone ring which hugs the base of the penis, providing a tight, comfortable fit and a boost to erection size and stamina.

Slick the velvety-smooth silicone surface in lots of water-based lubricant for enhanced sensations and greater comfort during wear.


  • ​Intense orgasms
  • ​Hands-free
  • ​Vibrates shaft, clit and vagina
  • ​Smooth satin material
  • Chargeable (no batteries)
  • ​Stretchy rings
  • ​Very little noise
  • Very comfortable


  • ​Changing between the vibration settings can be fiddly

​Key Features

​4 Hour Re-Chargeable Battery

​Unless you plan on having a marathon sex session where you're constantly vibrating then this toy won't fail you.

​6 Vibration Setting

​Just like sex, this cock ring can go at different speeds.

​With 6 different settings to choose from you can ramp up your vibration settings to give your partner mega clitoral stimulation.

Premium ​Stretch Silicone

​Unlike many cock rings, the silicone in the Lelo Tor 2 is stretching and has a premium feeling to it too.

​That means it will be easy to slip on and off while at the same time giving you a comfortable fit.

​Clitoral Stimulation

​The level of clitoral stimulation that the Lelo Tor provides is second to none.

​User Feedback

​Girls all love a ring on it. Good vibes all round makes the bell ring with reverberation. Not so strong that you'd lose sensitivity. It's nice for a little stroke too as it sends little shivers up the shaft. Lelo are top quality and it makes the game.

​The Lelo Tor 2 feels like a tighter fit than some of my other couples rings and this helps me feel larger and enjoy stronger sensations. This snug and secure fit also put me at complete ease, allowing me to enjoy our experiences together rather than worrying about the bulk or movement of the ring during. The vibrations made a notable difference for me and provided very strong climaxes.

​First off, I have to say that I own quite a lot of the Lelo brand as I find them very hard to fault.As always the sleek finish and stylish packaging brings an elegance that other toys just don't have.I got this for my boyfriend but after the first use we realised it wasn't just about him with this toy. Her being on top allows for direct contact with the clit and amazing vibrations. He says it is super easy to get on and off and if we turn it around the vibe sits against his balls, which he says feels great.This is the best cock ring I have bought yet and my partner is stoked.

​I brought this cock ring as a cheeky gift for my partner. When he came home from work I had him do a treasure hunt to find it.This cock ring feels so soft to touch and looks amazing too. The charge lasts for a long time.We have also used this cock ring in the shower and bath as it is waterproof. A little scary at first but it still works.I love having my clit stimulated during sex and this works perfectly for that.It is quiet and has plenty of different speeds.I love Lelo products, this cock ring is my second Lelo and I’ve just ordered my third, can’t wait for it to arrive.If you like cock rings and clit stimulation during sex, this is the one. I've found it more powerful than others I have bought in the past.

​This a great product and the quality is reflected in the price. You get what you pay for!Using a small amount of lubricant will definitely assist any gents that have a larger girth.With the vibrator on top of the penis at its base, the sensation will transfer to the anal area of your partner if one is in the "doggy" or like position.If the vibrator is underneath toward the scrotum then the sensations are potentially striking two areas on the wearer.Now for the plus: Slip it over your erect friend with the vibrator resting against the glans under the head - put on full throttle or one of the variations - relax and see how long before you have a hands free result! You won't be waiting long!

​I purchased it as a couples ring, mainly for use as a couple with my girlfriend. It is great bit of kit for that alone and worth the rather hefty price tag. I tend not to use the different functions on it as they can be fiddly to get to, usually just ramping it up to the highest setting and leaving it be. On top of the times with company it also works wonders playing with it solo for either male or female. Put it on the head and set it going for a hands free experience or use it as a clitoral vibrator during foreplay, the strong vibrations are a blessing. The toy is great for travel. The compact size means you can fit it in your pocket and take it somewhere more exciting or exotic. To add to this you even get a little satin travel bag. All in all it is a fantastic little piece of equipment, I couldn't recommend it highly enough!

​I have had this cock ring for just over a month. It was a surprise for the wife. I have tried the cheaper ones before, but thought I would try a more upmarket model as the cheaper end seem a little too small and only last a few months. It is expensive, but you get what you pay for. The build quality is excellent, and vibrations are very powerful.It hits the spot every time. My wife loves it and now demands I put it on before sex.

​I have bought a Lelo product before and was impressed with the quality both in construction and packaging. The ring arrived and was in a very high quality box and comes with sachet of lube and carry case for the ring along with the charger.The buttons are discretely placed either side of the unit. They are not the easiest buttons to use and they need a firm, concerted press. I charged it and turned it on and was as impressed as I expected. There is simply no comparison to the cheap vibrating cock rings you find everywhere. Now onto the only problem... The ring is very thick and not very flexible. After a few painful attempts to pull this over my erection I gave up. My new tack is to put in on myself when flaccid and then achieve an erection although it still an effort to get it on when I am "asleep". I am above average, 6 inch girth, but I am sure a lot of people will have this problem as it is mentioned in other reviews of product. That said, I think the vibrations are worth the "pop it on and get it up" tactic. Overall, if ring was stretchy it would be the perfect couple's toy, but even so it is still brilliant and I heartily recommend it.

​I will start by saying that this is a premium product. This is reflected in the price because it is expensive. However, it is most certainly worth it. I purchased this from Lelo's official website and not Lovehoney. It arrived in very stylish packaging with some lubricant a drawstring bag, various manuals and the product itself.It offers various vibration settings although I am always drawn to the basic, constant vibration option. I don't believe I could orgasm hands-free using this product, however, that doesn't mean it isn't possible.Where it really shines is couples play. With my girlfriend on top of me, this offers direct contact to her clit and drives us both crazy.It's on the pricey side but definitely worth the cost in my opinion.

​My wife and I have bought a few toys over the year including a few cock rings.Normally we’ve bought fairly cheap ones but found them a bit flimsy or not that powerful. Invested more money in this one and bloody hell does it work! Sturdy, powerful and most definitely works for both of us. Use it pretty much every time now!

​My fiancée and I have had hours of fun with this cock ring.She often uses it as a personal vibrator when I am not around as well.Perfect controls make it easy to use and easy charging with a lengthy play time. Easy to clean and snug fit so no worrying about it moving around whilst enjoying its powerful vibrations.Works well both angled up for a clitoris stimulator and angled down for a testicle vibrator.


​The Lelo Tor 2 is, in my opinion, the best cock ring available.

​Should You Buy It?

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Lelo Tor Review