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Product Name: JES Extender

Product Description: The market leader for penis extenders around the world.

Price: $1000.00

Howdy folks!

My name’s John and I’ve been given the task of reviewing penis extenders by

Today, I’m giving the JES Extender my review.

Grab yourself a coffee and sit tight because this is going to be one of the most detailed penis extender reviews online!

I won’t hold back a single detail so you know what to expect if you decide to buy one.

Why I Chose the JES Extender

For the past 2 years, I’ve been working as a videographer in the adult entertainment industry.


From massive dicks to small ones.


And one thing that I noticed more than anything was that the girls on the set tended to prefer to look and have sex with ‘more sizeable men’.

Which, for me, was somewhat of a problem because mine was on the smaller end of the spectrum, measuring in at just 4 inches when erect.

Not exactly ‘wank bank’ material for the ladies.

One day, I was having a chat with a male star… I think I was overly frustrated that day - and I just blurted out:

“Dude, how come your dick is so big?”

dude wtf

He was kind of taken aback by the question, almost assuming that because I worked in the industry, I would know.

“Have you never heard of penis extenders?” he asked.

That conversation sparked my exploration into the world of penis enlargement.

Personally, I tend to choose products based on recommendations from friends and colleagues.

[jes extender image]

The first reason I chose the JES Extender was because of a recommendation…

My porn star friend, the one who introduced me to the idea of penis extenders, let me know that he had been using the JES Extender on and off for a couple of years now and I had seen the results on him first-hand so there was no reason not to trust his word.

The second reason I chose the JES Extender was that they literally invented the concept and had over 500,000 customers so that told me that they were well-respected in the male enhancement industry.

Third, I noticed that they offered a double money back guarantee. This basically meant that if I followed their step-by-step guide and didn’t see a noticeable difference, they’d give me my money back twice.

Guaranteed to work

The fact that they were willing to stand behind their results with a double money back guarantee had me impressed.

And, I was sold!

As far as I could tell, the only way to buy one of the JES Extenders was online via their website. They weren’t stocked in sex shops so I couldn’t take a look before I bought which was slightly disappointing.

With that being said, I found their website informative enough to answer all of my questions.

Here is the link if you want to take a look for yourself: [official website link]

What struck me right away was that there were 6 different models of penis extender available with the key difference being the type of material used in the extension rods, the type of case and a few extra parts with the higher-end models.

Here are all of the types available and their pricing:

  • JES Extender Light - $209.99
  • JES Extender Original - $229.99
  • JES Extender Titanium - $249.99
  • JES Extender Silver - $299.99
  • JES Extender Gold - $349.99
  • JES Extender Platinum - $1,000.00

Now, as I mentioned before, the only real noticeable difference between these different models is the material used in the extension rods.

That got me thinking: why would anyone buy one of the more expensive models if they do the same thing!?

There isn’t a lot of information on this online, but here’s what I figured out:

Precious metals are less prone to rusting

The most obvious thing was that precious metals are less prone to rusting. If you are using a penis extender for a long time - months or even years - you’re going to want to give it a good old clean every once in a while.

I remember my high school chemistry teacher warning me; even high-quality alloys like titanium are prone to rust. I once left my bike out for a few months and let’s just say it didn’t fair too well.

Rusty Penis Extender

To me it makes sense that I would opt for the silver, gold or platinum models.

More likely to use it

I don’t know about you, but when I buy something that is more expensive, I tend to appreciate it more. I’ll actually use it as it’s supposed to be; I’ll follow all the guidelines set out in the manual and in the end, I’ll get better results.

The higher-end models not only look more pleasant, they come in higher quality storage cases, making it feel more valuable.

More value = more use

The potential for profit

Lastly, the double money back guarantee really caught my eye…

You see, I figured that there’s a bit of a loophole available for exploitation here…

JES Extender offer a double money back guarantee if the device doesn’t work following their instructions. They’re putting their money where their mouth is and I appreciate that.

That means if you buy one of their cheaper devices, say the $209.99 JES Extender light, for example, you’d get back $419.98 if it doesn’t work and make a small profit for your time invested.

However, if you up the stakes and buy the platinum option for $1,000 then if it doesn’t work, you walk away with an extra $1k in your pocket.

Make money

And, let’s say it does work. Your penis increases by an inch in size. How much would that be worth?

I’d pay $1,000 for that. For, sure!

So, that’s that’s the reasoning behind why I bought the platinum option.

Click here if you want to buy it too.

Delivery & Unboxing

I’m fairly open with people; my friends and family all know that I work in the adult entertainment industry, so I don’t really get embarrassed easily.

However, with penis enlargement, it was something that I didn’t want to disclose to them, not right away at least so it was important to me the device arrived in a fairly discreet box.

Let’s be honest, the last thing I wanted was a package that blatantly said:

“This guy is unhappy with his penis size”

Fortunately, the JES extender packaging was very plain.

For all the postie knew, it was a book!

Assembling The Device

Opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the device was largely pre-assembled and there weren’t a lot of small parts.

Honestly, it’s a pet peeve of mine when you buy something and there’s a million little pieces that need to fit together so thumbs up for making the whole process easy.

The only thing you really need to do is add on (or take away) the length of the rods to get the right size of your penis.

Here’s what it looks like fully assembled:

JES Extender Assembled

Putting It On:

Step 1:

Fasten the the plastic ring to the base of your penis (make sure that the metal bars are already attached as it can be awkward adding them on in a strange position).

Step 2:

Make sure the metal bars are running parallel with the shaft of your penis then slot them into the plastic support.

Note: you can add more bars if you need more size

Step 3:

Add the padded protection pad around the head of your penis then fasten it in by feeding the strap through the wholes of the plastic support.

Here’s a video from the official JES Extender DVD showing exactly how to use it:

My Experience

I’ve got to be honest, initially, I found wearing the JES Extender pretty weird; having a device strapped to you penis isn’t exactly what I’m used to.

Also, you do need to take it off every few hours to pee and circulate the blood around you penis.

It took me about 10 days to get into the swing of things. After I was in a routine, I barely thought about it anymore.

Barely noticeable

Much in the same way as I would put in my contact lenses or have a shower in the morning, I’d put on the penis extender too without trouble.

Results After 6 Months

Over the course of 6 months use of SizeGenetics, I was able to increase my penis size from 4.1 inches to 5.3 inches, beating the national average.

Here’s the timeline so you can get an idea of what to expect:

Month 14.2 inches90 Hours Use
Month 24.4 inches200 Hours Use
Month 34.6 inches300 Hours Use
Month 44.8 inches300 Hours Use
Month 55 inches300 Hours Use
Month 65.3 inches300 Hours Use
Summary+1.1 inch gain1590 Hours Total

The Programme I Followed:

The JES Extender double money back guarantee states that you need to have accumulated at least 1,000 hours of use before you are eligible to make a claim so I was pretty strict with myself about getting into a routine and following the programme.

In the end, I had a gain in size of 1.3 inches so there was no need to make the claim for their guarantee.

Anyway, here’s what I did over the course of 6 weeks to get started:

JES Extender Programme

Week 1:

I started off on just an hour per day for the first week at a traction level of 800g. They recommend this lower traction and time to ease yourself in and make sure you’re not uncomfortable at all.

Week 2:

Approaching the second week, I started feeling more comfortable using the JES Extender and moved up to about 2 hours on average.

Week 3:

I cranked up the traction levels to 1200g as I wanted to start seeing faster results. I also began wearing the device for 3 hours per day.

Week 4:

I kept the

Week 5:

6-7 hours use per day with traction levels 600-900g

Week 6:

7-8 hours use per day with traction levels 600-900g

Week 7 and onwards:

8-12 hours use per day with traction levels 900-1200g

Important Note:

Make sure you don’t forget to to remove the device every 2 hours and massage your penis to circulate the blood flow.

How It Changed My Life

It’s strange to think that just by increasing the size of your penis, it can affect so many other areas of life too.

What I noticed more than anything was a boost in confidence. I felt less shy talking to women I found attractive. I was no Casanova, but it was a huge difference compared to the awkward mess I was before.

Confidence boost

The other night, I was out in a bar with my friends and a woman started talking to me. Before, I would have frozen up, worrying that if we did end up having sex, she would later on be disappointed or laugh.

In that moment though, I was completely in the moment. Yes, she was laughing, but this time, at my jokes. I got her number and we ended up having incredible sex the following week. I could actually feel her orgasms!

To me, having a bigger sized penis was more about feeling a greater sense of self-worth than anything else.


Thanks for reading my JES Extender Review. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to increase the size of their penis and boost their confidence. It worked exceedingly well for me and I plan to continue using it to achieve even greater gains.

The $1000 price tag is definitely worth it.

With that being said, I’m aware that not everyone may be able to afford it.

Click here to go to their website

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JES Extender FAQs

How long will it take to notice results?

I noticed modest gains within weeks of using the device.

Just so you’re in the loop though, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind that will affect your results:

  • Amount of time you use the device for (longer is better)
  • Tension levels you apply during use (more = faster results)
  • Maintaining a balanced diet (more growth)

By gradually increasing the tension levels and the amount of time you use the JES Extender, you’ll start to see faster gains.

You don’t want to just jump in to the highest setting for the longest amount of time as this could cause you discomfort and discourage your from wanting to use the device and, therefore stop you getting the gains you desire.

Is it comfortable to use Jes Extender?

I wouldn’t say it’s uncomfortable, it’s just different.

It’s like wearing a new shoe for the first time and getting used to it.

After about a week, I barely noticed.

Can I use it while sleeping?

Yes, you can wear it whilst sleeping. However, be aware that if you’re the type of person who is constantly rolling around in bed, it may lead to discomfort.

I’m aware that I move around a lot in bed so only used the JES Extender whilst awake.

Is Jes Extender used when flaccid or erect?

The device should be used whilst your penis is flaccid.

However, be aware that if you do get an erection whilst wearing the device, it will not break.

Will my erections still be firm if I want to gain about 3 inches?

When you increase the length of your penis, you aren’t just adding more skin cells. The cells are literally duplicating.

This means that there will be more blood flow and therefore, your penis will remain firm.

I am uncircumcised, can I still use JES Extender?

Yes, I am uncircumcised too and I didn’t have any problems.

Is it heavy or noticeable when you wear it?

Wearing the JES Extender, I never felt it was too heavy.

However, I would say that if you’re wearing tight fitting pants, it’s definitely going to show.

If you wear light fitting pants like joggers, it’s going to be near enough invisible.

Do I have to use it every day?

No. Just like you don’t need to go to the gym every day when you’re trying to put on muscle, you don’t need to wear the JES Extender every day either.

Instead, it’s best to get into a solid routine to ensure you make progress.

How long would it take to gain 2 inches?

It depends on the size of your penis. However, I believe that most guys will be able to achieve a 2 inch increase in 6 months to a year.

Can I still have sex and masturbate when using?

Yes. In fact, regularly getting an erection (and using it) is part of the process.

You want blood to be flowing through your penis.

Does age matter?

To an extent. I would only recommend using a penis extender if you’re over the age of 18. Reason being that your body hasn’t finished growing yet so it’s probably not best to interfere with that process.

In terms of upper age limits, there are none. Even if you’re in your 90s, you can use it and still enjoy the benefits.