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How To Safely Increase Your Penis Size At Home

Charlie Chambers
By Charlie Chambers
Last Updated: October 21, 2018

For years, I worried about the size of my penis.

Every time I heard a joke on television, I shrank in my seat as if it was at my expense.


I was intimidated by the GIGANTIC DONGS on porn so stopped watching it entirely.

And sex? Don't even get me started on that.

The thought alone prevented me from speaking to women.

My career was stuttering. I wasn't taking care of myself, and my confidence was awfully low.

I was about to give up on the whole 'sex thing' altogether.


I had been moping for such a long time that I hadn't even tried any solutions.

What happened next CHANGED MY LIFE.

I hopped onto Google and searched 'how to increase the size of your penis.'

Holy shit. There were SO. MANY. RESULTS.

It was like a rabbit hole for penis enlargement.

I was so gullible I tried everything!

I bought into all the creams.

I paid for all the potions.

And, I spent a fortune on penis pills.

Eventually, I found out what works and what doesn't.

In 30 days, I grew my penis two centimeters.

Progress, but not enough to impress any ladies.

I stayed disciplined and managed to grow my dick by a whopping TWO INCHES!

Over the next 6 months, everything changed.

My confidence EXPLODED.

I changed jobs, started earning more money. I got into a gym routine.

I even found a girlfriend.

Although I'm happy now, I didn't want all my research to go to waste.

I wrote this guide for guys who are going through a similar situation and need advice.

Want to learn how to grow the size of your penis the right way?

Why Does Penis Size Matter?

Isn't it crazy how the world is so obsessed with penis size?

You don't need a large knob to make women orgasm.

You can EASILY give them pleasure with vibrators!

So, what's the big deal about dick size?

It has a lot to do biology.

You see, all creatures are born to survive and reproduce.

They survive by fighting for their needs - food, water, and shelter.

They reproduce by competing to attract a mate by showcasing what they've got to offer.

For some species, like the peacock, choosing between partners is simple.

They decide based upon who has the best feathers.

For us humans, it's a little more complicated.

There's a WHOLE host of things that we care about:

Money, 6-pack abs and charisma are all points of contention.

But strangely, women seem most turned on when they see a big, fat cock.

Biology says it's because they perceive a longer penis will increase the chances of getting pregnant.

But I think...

Women simply prefer the look and feel of a bigger dick.

What Is A Normal Penis Size?

It's easy to become disillusioned by images in films, magazines and in porn.

They show guys with CRAZY BIG cocks as being the norm.

On top of that, most guys overestimate their size.

One guy boasts he's got a 10-inch dick and suddenly everyone's talking about their DONKEY WANGS.

You know it's bullshit. Not everyone can be above average!

To put the matter to bed, here are the average erect penis lengths for each country in the world:

Average Penis Sizes

FYI - the average of those averages is 5.5 inches.

I wrote an article about the average penis size around the world - click here to check it out.

So, before you lose your mind, there's a good chance you're more normal than you think and the guys in the bar are talking out their ass.

What's important isn't your size, it's how you feel.

Does having a smaller penis knock your confidence?

Does it prevent you from being an excellent lover?

If so, then penis enlargement is definitely something you should consider.

What Are Your Options?

When I started looking into penis enlargement, I was overwhelmed with choices.

I didn't realize that people had been peddling penis solutions for thousands of years.

There are cave paintings admiring lads with massive dicks.

Not all of these options work though.

From ancient times till today, there's been A LOT of scamming.

Guys won't report poor quality products at the risk of looking stupid, so these scams never get taken down.

To save you from wasting your money, I'll briefly review the most common penis enlargement methods...

Penis Enlargement Pills

If you've ever watched porn - of course, you have - there's a good chance you'll be familiar with penis pill adverts.

They claim to work like magic: "HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER."

Very much like the famous Daft Punk song actually!

Curiosity got the better of me and, I bought into their marketing.

While I did see results, they weren't what I was looking for.

I got a harder erection that lasted longer. But, I didn't see any difference concerning my length or girth.

Looking back, they never actually mention 'length' or 'girth' in their promotional materials.

Instead, they just say "get a bigger penis."

If you're having trouble getting a hard-on then technically yes, these pills would make you bigger.

A penis with more blood will look more prominent.

It's just not what you're after.


Penis Pumps

Through movies like Austin Powers, there's an implication that penis pumps can increase your size, but this is false.

Unsurprisingly, many penis pump manufacturers encourage this myth as a way to sell more of their products.

Guys pay for top dollar penis pumps and are sorely disappointed.

So let's clear this up...

A penis pump cannot increase the size of your penis. It can only provide a temporary solution to erectile dysfunction.

They work by placing a tube over your penis and pumping out the air to create a vacuum. This draws blood into the penis and causes it to swell.

However, they have no impact on the size of your penis.

If you have difficulty with ED, then, by all means, check out penis pumps, but, if you're wanting to increase your dick size, then keep reading.

Weight Loss

Although weight loss can't increase the size of your penis, it can alter the perception of it.

By shedding a few pounds from your abdominal area, you can reveal more of your penis shaft.

This will cause it to appear more significant relative to the rest of your body.

Note: this only works if you are on the larger side already.

Personally, I had no weight to lose so this wasn't an option for me.

Trim Your Pubic Hair

It's the twentieth-century folks!

Girls are walking around with waxed vaginas all the time.

They get them every month and, let's be honest, they look great!

A lot of guys haven't come to terms with the benefits of MANscaping yet.

By getting rid of your pubic hair, your penis will be much more visible and appear more prominent.

Also, it'll look much cleaner, encouraging your partner to give your oral sex.

There are so many beauty salons that offer male waxing these days that there's no excuse not to get it done.

If you're too shy for that, you can always get an electric razor and give yourself a trim.

Penis Surgery

Many guys jump straight to the conclusion that they need penis surgery, but it's rarely helpful.

The surgical complications are not worth the risk.

I'd like to share the surgical options available to you and why you should avoid these kinds of procedure.

Penis Length Surgery

Penis length surgery works by cutting the ligament attached to the pubic bone and adding in extra skin.

This can increase the size of your flaccid penis by up to 2 centimeters. However, it won't affect your size when erect.

This single fact makes the surgery utterly pointless to me.

There's no reason I can think of in risking medical complications for a slightly larger flaccid penis.

Imagine it hurt every time you got an erection; It's not worth it!

Girth Surgery

If you look at your dick and think it looks more like a pencil than a sexual weapon, then you may have considered penis girth surgery.

It involves injecting fat into your penis that has been taken from other parts of your body.

Although some studies saw an increase in girth between 1.4cm and 4cm, the side-effects were significant.

These included: scarring, disfigurement, lumpiness, and infections.

Plus, the results of the operation don't last long.

After a few months, your body will reabsorb the fat that was injected, and your penis goes back to its original circumference.

My recommendation: avoid penis related surgery unless absolutely necessary.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

There's a reason I left this one till last.

Penis enlargement exercises are the only way to increase the size of your penis without resorting to surgery.

To understand them, we've got to consult biology again.

The human body is made of trillions of tiny cells.

They grow through two processes called ‘mitosis’ (the initial cell separation) and ‘cytokinesis’ (the final cell division).

Here's a video of it happening at a cellular level:

This cell division occurs naturally around the body.

However, you can encourage certain stretchy areas to grow by manipulation, namely, the ears, lips, and penis.

A great example of the lips being stretched is in African and Amazonian tribes that use lip plates.

By gradually increasing the stretch, you can artificially cause more cell division to take place.

By stretching your penis over a long period of time, it will grow in size without feeling pain or discomfort.

You might be wondering if it's just the skin that grows - you don't want to be left with a giant foreskin!

The answer is no, it isn’t just skin cells that multiply!

When you go through the process of stretching your penis, the sponge-like tissue that is full of blood vessels also experiences cell division too.

As the number of blood vessels increases, the potential size of your erection does too.

It all sounds great so far. However, you've got to be careful what technique you use to ensure that your penis grows in proportion.

I'll go into the different penis extending exercises now.

Jelqing (Manual Exercise)

The first technique I'm going to highlight is called Jelqing.

All you need to do is squeeze and stretch your penis with firm pressure for around 20 minutes at a time.

The fact that you can do it by yourself without needing any equipment might sound appealing. However, it does have a significant drawback.

Because you are using your hands and not a device, it's hard to get a clear indication of how much pressure you're applying at any given time.

This lack of consistency means that you can end up stretching some areas more than others and therefore, causing more growth in some areas than others.

Personally, I don't think it's worth the risk of having a lop-sided dick.

Penis Weight Hanging

Penis hanging works by attaching a weight to the end of your dick while in a standing position.

It provides a slightly better measurement of the level of pressure that you are applying (depending on the weight attached).

The other positive aspect is you will have a more consistent pressure as you're not constantly changing position with your hands.

On the downside, many guys over-estimate the weight they're able to hang and get injured, resulting in significant setbacks.

Additionally, If you are moving around or in a strange position, it may cause your penis to change shape over the long term.

Penis Extension Devices

Lastly, I want to highlight penis extenders, the only method that has been verified in clinical trials as a way to increase the size of your penis.

The penis enlargement industry often poo-poos these devices because it takes longer to show results, but they work exceedingly well.

All you need to do is attach it to the base and end of your penis and over time, you'll achieve a natural increase in size.

Like with any penis extension exercise, the higher the traction you apply, the quicker the results you get.

However, with penis extension devises you are much more in control of how much traction is applied and the exact position that it's been placed in. This means that your penis will grow in proportion.

Another thing I liked about using penis extenders was the fact that while I was using them, I could track my progress.

Every few weeks, I would be able to add some length to the device. That gave me a real confidence boost.

You will likely have a whole bunch of questions about them. Which one is most comfortable? How can I get the quickest gains? How much do they cost? What brands should you look out for? Are there different types?

I'll go into all of that right now...

Types Of Penis Extenders

There are two types: the noose and the comfort strap. The difference between these is mostly down to the fitting that fastens in your penis to the device.

The noose style penis extender uses silicone tubing as a fastener, while the comfort strap looks more like a belt strap.

The silicone tubing style was the first to be used with penis extenders and can apply a very tight grip. The benefit of this is that it can typically achieve a more significant stretch while in use.

Unfortunately, the reduced distribution of pressure can cause you to feel less comfortable.

The comfort strap was created as an alternative so that guys using penis extenders could use them for more extended periods of time and therefore, get faster results.

Penis Extender Buyer's Guide

With all of the dramatic claims they make, it's easy to get sold on buying a penis enlargement device.

But before you go ahead and get your credit card out, you need to be aware of a few crucial factors.

Is It Clinically Tested?

Since penis extenders have increased in popularity, hundreds of manufacturers around the world are attempting to profit. Problem is, most of them have not tested their devices!

They forget about health standards and have no concern for their users. Many are happy to ship faulty products in the knowledge that they won't get asked for a refund.

And when these devices go wrong...they go WRONG.

Trust me, there's nothing worse than getting your dick stuck when you need to pee.

So, to avoid any chance of a mishap, make sure that the product has been through plenty of testing before you buy.

You'll usually find the results of the clinical trials on their website. If you can't see their study, it's best to stay clear.

Is It A Reputable Company?

Knowing that a manufacturer has been delivering results for years is a great sign. It means they won't just cut and run with your money.

They'll provide you with support if you are having any difficulty with the product and replace it if it goes wrong in any way.

Another thing you want to consider is where the company is based. If you buy a Western-made product, it will be more likely to arrive quicker and be of better quality.

Is It Comfortable?

Vital to getting the right extender is its comfortability.

If you don't feel comfortable while wearing it, there's a higher likelihood that you won't see it through to the end of your journey.

It'll end up in a drawer, completely useless.

I touched upon this earlier when discussing the different types. Personally, I prefer the comfort strap variety.

Do They Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

In an industry full of audacious claims, it's hard to trust anything that being put in front of you.

Increasing the size of your dick is no easy feat.

When a company is willing to put their money where their mouth is and offer a money back guarantee, then you know they can walk the walk.

All you need to do is show them proof that you've used the device for a couple of months and if you haven't noticed any difference in size, they'll give your full money back (sometimes more)!

This basically makes the whole process risk free. Bigger penis at no risk? Hell yes!

Top Rated Penis Extenders

I've been working to put together a number of reviews for the best penis extenders to save you time and money.

Click here to check them out.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Penis Extender

Get Into A Routine

In order to achieve anything in life, you need to to follow a plan of action and growing the size of your penis is no exception.

Once you stick to your plan, everything will fall into place.

Make a note of how many hours you are going to use the device per day and when you are going to do it.

A couple of hours before bed every night is my preferred time.

If I'm feeling tired and I just attach the penis extender on and relax, then I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

I occasionally have a day when I can't use it because I've got an incredibly busy day.

However, the key to success with these devices is consistency.

Avoid Over-stretching

As much as you want to get results fast, I really want to stress to you - that you're better off in the long term not to over-do it.

You'll get much better results if you're patient.

The only reason that guys fail at increasing the size of their penis is that they don't do it properly.

It's a simple task, but it's not easy to do. Stay consistent and disciplined and you'll get amazing results too.

By staying at a comfortable stretch and wearing the device for a couple of hours every day, you will gradually see results and be able to increase the traction when you are ready.

If you're not someone who is patient, then I would advise against using the devices as it will only cause you harm.

Don't Stop Suddenly

One common problem with penis enlargement devices is that guys stop using them all of a sudden when they feel like they are getting close to the result they are after.

However, by doing this, you aren't allowing your body to adjust to the lack of use of the device again.

Make sure that you follow your plan.

Start off slowly, increase the traction gradually till you get to the size you want and afterwards, slowly reduce it until it feels natural.