Lying there in post-coital bliss, your mind wanders…

“If every dude in the world suddenly realised that they could get a similar orgasm (or better) from a fleshlight, then humans would undoubtedly go extinct!”

You shrug it off, welcoming your next immediate need - food - and leave the room, forgetting about the practicality of owning a fleshlight; the need to clean them.

The truth about fleshlights is that they are more life-like than people realise. Just like real orifices, they need to be well-maintained in order to get the most benefit out of them.

Imagine that you were having sex with a real woman and her vagina was already filled with your semen from the week before…

It would be:

  • Unhygienic and prone to infection
  • Less pleasurable due to texture
  • Smelly and unattractive

Yes, the woman you had sex with would take responsibility for this post-coital maintenance procedure, but the whole point of the fleshlight is to be able to enact upon your sexual fantasy on your terms without the prior ‘courting’ process.

Basically, to have more control over the interaction.

However, great power comes with great responsibility.

In order maintain control, you need to add the responsibility of cleaning the fleshlight onto your to-do list.

This can feel like a burden, but when you know how, the whole process is really easy.

Do you want to know more about Fleshlights? The Complete Guide to Fleshlights will help you to choose the best Fleshlight for you.


No matter what kind of Fleshlight you own, they’re easy to clean and the care instructions are the same. By taking a little time to clean and care for your Fleshlight, you’ll prolong the life of the realistic-feel material so you can enjoy these premium male sex toys for longer.

After every use, remove the insert from the plastic casing and run hot water through the middle to remove any water-based lubricant or bodily fluids. Fleshlight recommend that you do not use soap on your Fleshlight as it can degrade the SuperSkin material.

If you wish to use a cleaning product on your Fleshlight after you have rinsed it thoroughly with hot water, make sure it is a specialist sex toy cleaner like Lovehoney Fresh Sex Toy Cleaner or Fleshlight Fleshwash Sex Toy Cleaner.


Next, towel or air dry the insert and then leave the inside to dry thoroughly. Remember, the more textured your sleeve is the longer it will take to get completely dry.

After you have washed and dried your Fleshlight, you will notice that the Fleshlight feels slightly sticky after washing. This is normal, but if you want to restore the soft texture of the insert you can use Fleshlight Powder Renewer and it will feel as silky smooth as the day you bought it.

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. DO store your Fleshlight in its case where possible
    DO store any additional inserts in separate bags
    DO use body-safe Fleshlight Powder Renewer to restore the silky feel of your Fleshlight
  2. DON’T use talcum powder on your Fleshlight
    DON’T share your Fleshlight with anyone else
    DON’T use silicone lube with your Fleshlight: always use water-based lube