The harsh truth…

Masturbation sucks.

Let’s be honest, if you’re a semi-normal guy, you probably masturbate fairly often.

And part of the reason you do is it feels good. More than anything though, it’s just to get you through the day.

You know the story. You hit ‘incognito’ on your browser, skim through a bunch of videos until you find something you like then after a few short minutes, you’re done.

This shitty routine has become normal for millions of men and quite frankly, it sucks.

We want to help men break this cycle and change their lives with – as our name suggests – male sex toys.

It’s our job to create easy-to-follow guides for men so that they can: reform healthy sexual habits, unlock more powerful sexual experiences and enjoy masturbation again.

Unfortunately, most male sex advice websites come across as if they’re written by an old creepy guy who hasn’t had sex in years. We’re different. This site is written by everyday guys who were tired of bad sex and masturbation and decided to make a change.

We started off just writing some thoughts down and it struck a nerve with a bunch of people and evolved into a resource that’s helped thousands of people to improve their sex lives.

The sex toy revolution is here.

male sex toys

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More Powerful Orgasms

There are many more depths to orgasm that you may be missing out on. Use sex toys as a way to explore the full potential of the male orgasm.

Better Sexual Habits

Part of the reason sex sucks is due to poor habits. By following our guide properly, you’ll develop awesome habits that make sex enjoyable again.

Become A Sex Genius

Most people have no idea how their sexual organs work. They just fap away and guess. Isn’t about time that you discovered which buttons to press?

The age old dilemma…

Wait for sex or masturbate?

Let’s not beat around the bush (excuse the pun), having sex feels phenomenal.

When you’ve got a sexual partner who knows what they’re doing, there’s no substitute.

End of story, right? Well, not quite.

Sex comes with its commitments…

Finding someone who you’re attracted to, flirting with them, seducing them. All of which takes up your time and money. 

Post-sex you need to spend more even more time catering to your partner. 

Again, we’re not knocking sex here. It’s awesome. We love sex. 

All we’re saying is that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Masturbation with your hand is okay, but it feels nothing like the real thing.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get the best of both worlds?

That is exactly what male sex toys can do for you.

male sex toys

“The intensity and pleasure of sex toys shouldn’t be limited to women”

- Vice

No time commitments

With male sex toys, you have more control over your sex life. There’s no need to spend time chasing ladies with fine wine. Now, your orgasm can be on your terms.

Enhanced masturbation

Still using the old fashioned method? Technology has created some incredible sex toys that allow you to enjoy masturbating almost as much as the real thing.

Partner inclusive

Even if you’ve got a partner, there’s no reason to for them to be left out. Invite them to participate and get even more pleasure out of sex toys (it’ll probably turn them on too).

Our male sex toy mission…

A bunch of somewhat normal guys were sick of boring orgasms and were discussing it on a forum.

From masturbation to sex. It was all on the table and how dull it had all become.

Through that discussion, they started sharing ideas about the topic and how to make things better.

They experimented individually with masturbation, with their wifes and girlfriends and started to see improvement.

However, one day the subject of sex toys came up. Whilst they were all sceptical about the results, they decided to start using them and report on their findings.

What soon happened next was crazy…

They were all so thrilled with the impact of sex toys that they decided to altered their forum to talk soley about them.

Soon, they began to gain followers on their forum who sought their advice on the matter. What started as a self-exploration soon turned into a movement to change masturbation forever.

Eventually, they founded as a place to publish their findings for men around the world to see.


Okay, great, No more talking in 3rd person!

male sex toys

Who we are:

✓ Normal men aged 25-40
✓ Range of backgrounds
✓ Well-researched
✓ Mix of single and relationships

“Straight talking sex advice and is presented in an easily understandable way. I would never have learned all this stuff by myself

“Thanks for making this site. It’s totally changed the way I think about sex. I’ve built up so many bad habits over the years and only now understood them.”

“I’ve had a few sex toys in my time, but they often broke down. I browsed your recommended toys, bought your top rated selection and am delighted with the results.”

It’s time to beat boring sex.

There’s an epidemic!

Men around the world are missing out on incredible amounts of pleasure because of out-dated ‘taboos’.

Most adult women have got with the times and opened up to sex toys.

They discuss ‘better orgasms’ pretty freely, but when it comes to us guys, there’s nothing.

That lack of communication means less learning. 

Most guys would love to have mind-blowing orgasms, but they just haven’t been given the information, yet.

Well, it’s time for that to change.

We present all the information you need to know about sex toys in an easy to consume format on this website.

Just read the articles and guides and you will start experiencing a massive shift in your sex life.

male sex toys

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We help normal guys to break boring masturbation habits by providing information on male sex toys.