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How Toys Will Change your sex life

Understand Your Body Better

By experimenting with what toys work best, you'll learn more about your sexual tastes

Enjoy More Intense Orgasms

The stimulation you can create with toys is incredible, allowing you to attain powerful orgasms

Start Living Your Ultimate Fantasies

You no longer need to keep sexual fantasies locked away in your head - now you can act them out

All Types Of Sex Toy Reviewed

We've created a comprehensive review of all of the top male toys in each category for you

Anal Toys

Anything that goes up your bum is classed as an anal toy, for a summary of our top picks click here.

Male Masturbators

If you can put your penis in it then it's classed as a male masturbator. For a summary of our top picks click here.

Sexual Enhancers

If you use it to improve your sex life then it's a sexual performance enhancer.

Not sure where to begin?

Read our beginner's guide to male sex toys and get a brief overview of what each product does