DOMINIX Deluxe Cock Ring Review

By Charlie Chambers
Updated: 06 Sep 2021
Category: Performance

​If you and your partner are looking for a premium cock ring that will massively enhance both of your orgasms then look no further!

​Lelo Tor 2​ Details

Mmmm... Doughnuts! Delicious for a whole different reason, this doughnut cock ring applies firm but comfortable grip around your old chap to enhance size, stamina and strength. Plus, its 177g weight exerts continuous tugging that feels simply divine.

Best worn around both shaft and balls for optimum results, the smooth bevelled edge feels glorious against your skin and slides on easily with a little lube. Simply coat yourself and the ring with your favourite lubricant and slip it on whilst flaccid for seamless wear. 


  • ​Intense orgasms
  • ​Hands-free
  • ​Simplicity
  • ​Tight & heavy
  • ​Great quality finish
  • ​The thrill of wearing it
  • ​Smoothness
  • ​Highly durable


  • ​Not stretchy so you need to be careful about choosing the right size

​Key Features


​Unless you plan on having a marathon sex session where you're constantly vibrating then this toy won't fail you.

​Smooth Finish

​Just like sex, this cock ring can go at different speeds.

​With 6 different settings to choose from you can ramp up your vibration settings to give your partner mega clitoral stimulation.

​Can Be Cooled Or Heated

​Unlike many cock rings, the silicone in the Lelo Tor 2 is stretching and has a premium feeling to it too.

​That means it will be easy to slip on and off while at the same time giving you a comfortable fit.

​Clitoral Stimulation

​The level of clitoral stimulation that the Lelo Tor provides is second to none.

​User Feedback

​This ring took a little getting used to. So master it before you enter the lovemaking with your partner.I found it best to encompass your balls with your thumb and forefinger so effectively creating a ring. Then slide one ball through the ring followed by the other it takes a while to get used to but is straight forward once mastered.I found at first sitting on the edge of the bed a good way to start. Once both balls are through, pass your cock through as well. Slide the ring well back. Please note any hard-on before this and it becomes impossible. Once the ring is in place the experience is amazing. The ring will not come off until you are completely soft again, so bear that in mind too.

​As you come to expect, fast and discreet service from Lovehoney.I've used a few thinner and cheaper cock rings in the past, but when I found this one on offer I had to try it and I was not disappointed.Good quality and a perfect weight. Made erection so much bigger, fatter and longer-lasting.And my wife loves the ring rubbing against her clit. A bit too big to keep on all day, but we both love it

​Bought this item a few weeks ago, and have used twice now. Where do I begin!This thing is incredible! It looks like something that should be worn by the Terminator! Super smooth and shiny, with a nice weight. Slightly kinky look and feel about it.Little bit fiddly to put on, but did exactly as suggested in other reviews and had no problems. Once you have it on it feels like your tackle is being gently gripped which feels great. After being on for a while it warms to your body temperature and feels very comfortable.The look of it on me really turned us both on, and once we got down to business, the sex was unbelievable! It led to a very long, passionate, super intense wild sex session with many orgasms. I have a few other stretchy cock rings and was initially a bit unsure about using a rigid metal one, but I'm totally converted now, and this has instantly become our favourite item in the toy bag.Absolutely amazing, especially for under fifteen quid!

​I brought this cock ring as a cheeky gift for my partner. When he came home from work I had him do a treasure hunt to find it.This cock ring feels so soft to touch and looks amazing too. The charge lasts for a long time.We have also used this cock ring in the shower and bath as it is waterproof. A little scary at first but it still works.I love having my clit stimulated during sex and this works perfectly for that.It is quiet and has plenty of different speeds.I love Lelo products, this cock ring is my second Lelo and I’ve just ordered my third, can’t wait for it to arrive.If you like cock rings and clit stimulation during sex, this is the one. I've found it more powerful than others I have bought in the past.

​I've used stretchy cock rings a plenty and really enjoyed the boost they give and found myself intrigued by these metal versions. Something shiny solid and unforgiving. I just had to try one.Although very average, want soft. I am a grower and consider myself slightly above average when erect. Therefore I plumped for the 1.9" version, having read the dangers of over restriction.As always, my order arrived quickly and discreetly.This ring comes with minimal packaging. Full marks - packaging overkill drives me mad.The first thing you notice is the weight of this thing. It's heavy and solid.Unwrapped, the ring is a thing of beauty. Perfectly smooth and highly polished it oozes quality.Initial fitting was tricky, but I've found the best method is plenty lube on both ring and myself and carefully push each ball through the ring first, and then kind of folding my lubed cock back and slipping it in. I must try to be completely soft any arousal at this stage and that ring ain't going on.Once on I can really appreciate the weight, constantly pulling and somehow giving my cock and balls a lift.I have worn this ring all day while out and about, and my girlfriend says my package certainly looks bigger in my jeans. The constant weight means I never forget I have it on and keeps me semi-aroused and feeling horny.For me the real winner though is in the bedroom. When fully aroused I become harder, girthier then ever before with prominent veins and swollen, shiny head.My girlfriend has never felt me so large, and I can give her multiple screaming orgasms whilst wearing my ring due to the increased size and stamina I achieve. When I do cum it's intensely powerful, mind-blowing.I recommend this ring to all guys who enjoy cock rings, but a word of warning - do your measurements first as, although I consider myself average when erect, I wouldn't want anything any smaller as this one holds me in a vice-like grip and any tighter I feel would be painful or even dangerous.In summary, this is a brilliant ring that oozes quality and sex appeal and will last a lifetime.

​I've had this ring for a long time now, and I've worn it *a lot*. It is so comfortable that I've even worn it continuously for weeks at a time. Seriously.Sure you get the occasional pinch, or sit on it awkwardly, but generally it's really nice to wear.It's quite a thrill to walk around all day with it swinging between your legs. And there's a certain something to know your wearing one while casually talking to someone who could have no idea what's going on in your pants.I also have the 1.75" version, but that one is far to tight to wear for any length. For me the 1.9" is perfect.The quality is fantastic, so shiny and blemish-free. No sign of any welds or joins, just perfect polished stainless steel.

​After 35 years of marriage, low T and poor performance in bed just about did in my sex life. I ordered the Dominix Deluxe 1.9 inch stainless ring in hopes it might help, and was not disappointed.This ring fits perfectly, and can be comfortably worn all day and night. At night, a little arousal starts to tighten the grip of the ring in the right places and results in erection quality and duration I have not enjoyed in years, and it provides tightness and just the right constriction without discomfort or risk.After nearly a year without successful sex with my wife, I've finally enjoyed some of the best of our marriage, or at least for the past 10 years. This really restored my confidence in being able to satisfy my wife and has taken the anxiety out of whether I'm ready to finish what I started. That's all I wanted and makes the price tag of this premium ring a bargain.For guys that have never experienced these problems, I'm sure a ring like this can add some real spice, but for those of us that don't take successful sex for granted, it can be life-changing. This is the first metal ring I have owned, and previously I purchased a non-stretchy ring set that included 3 sizes. I learned that a 2-inch ring could be worn comfortably and safely, and decided to go with this one, and am glad I did.Actual ring weight is exactly 177 grams and size is 1.89 inches (48mm) on the digital calipers. Finish is flawless and smooth.

​The simplicity and craftsmanship behind this cock ring are incredible...Came packed in bubble wrap, which is good as there is not much that can go wrong with it, and its the quality of the product that matters most, which was not an issue with this DOMINIX cock ring.Out of a couple tested cock rings, this one is outstanding when it comes to aesthetics, comfort and results.Beautiful piece of stainless steel, heavy, but not too heavy to be uncomfortable.Surprisingly you can and can't feel the weight of it while in action. Does not get in the way at all, doesn't slip off. Can be worn for very long periods of time. You won't feel the urge of trying to reposition it or to take it off. If you get the right size this is the only cock ring, you won’t stop using it.Not the easiest one to put on. Saying that, putting it on is a pleasure once it fully pops on, lube helps.My favourite thing about this cock ring is that it keeps you big and hard constantly, without being uncomfortable. You forget that it's there, but you feel that it's there. Temperature play is amazing. No vibrations, but the tightness and the weight of this cock ring make it up for orgasms.I strongly recommend getting a metal cock ring for anyone into cock rings, both new and experienced. 11/10.

​Been trying cock rings for a few years, and it has been a bit of trial and error trying to get the right size. Wanted something I can wear for a bit to create a bit of a buzz.This does the job. Perfect fit, and nice and chunky. Got the hang of putting them on now. Bit of lube then Balls through first, then cock. Pushes everything forward and gives a nice profile.When the time comes for some bedroom action, rings come into their own. Call them cock turbos! Harder and definitely more impressive. This one is not too tight. Personally wouldn't want any smaller.All in all great, and as with all things, you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

​Bought this for myself and the other half and have been wearing them with enhanced pride ever since.Definitely a warm relaxed scrotum required before fitting, however, the weight and size are perfect for everyday wear. It a comforting feeling as the steel warms, with a gentle enhancing look knowing I'm wearing the ring. Always a nice surprise when de-briefing to see the crown jewels nestled in the flawless stainless steel ring.

​This is a serious piece of kit once its on! I'm not bragging, but getting the boys in there along with the old chap can be a bit of a struggle and as many have said it needs lube!Practice helps and a small cord around the back of the balls helps them from disappearing the wrong way (this is removed when everything is in place).Once on it's a whole new feeling as everything stands out and away from the rest of your body, so if you are shaved down there, everything hangs clear and is well ventilated.The weight is something else. You can feel it without it being uncomfortable. In fact it's rather a positive feeling. I've not introduced it to the OH just yet as I wanted to get the "hang" of getting it on first, but that won't be long off now.Finally the finish quality of this ring is excellent.


​The Lelo Tor 2 is, in my opinion, the best cock ring available.

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