Around the weight-loss community, there’s a rumour flying around that by dropping a few pounds, you’ll increase your penis size.

That theory isn’t entirely true…

What most people don’t realise is that a significant proportion of the penis is actually hidden inside the body (around 10-15% for the average man).

This is completely normal.

The reason that part of your penis extends into your pelvic region is to allow stability – something you absolutely need if you intend to have a pleasurable sexual encounter.

However, if you put on weight, it will cause an increase in fatty tissue around your thighs and pubic area which results in an increased proportion of your penis being hidden away.

And, if it’s hidden away then it’s not only less impressive to look at; the fat will act as a cushion around your penis, allowing a reduced length to enter your partner.

By losing weight, you can reveal more of your penis, resulting in more sexual confidence and a more satisfied partner.

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