This week, the world was rocked by news that multi-billionaire, Ehud Laniado died during a penis enlargement operation in Paris.

The story went viral, tarnishing his pristine reputation and forever overshadowing his legacy with insecurities about his penis size.

Undoubtedly, Ehud, a man whose life was so intertwined with elevating his status, this outcome would have been one of the worst imaginable.

Today, we’ll cover the issues that likely triggered his desire for penile enlargement surgery.

We’ll also show you an alternative method so you can get a bigger penis without risk.

What Drove Ehud To Penile Enlargement Surgery?

It’s strange to think that even billionaires can feel pressure to change the look and shape of their bodies. Isn’t it?

We assume they’re happy in their luxury homes and private jets, but the truth is that they’re human, just like the rest of us.

Ehud, our billionaire, was extremely aware of his smaller stature (and penis size).

In an interview, his friends mentioned that he would check his bank statement multiple times a day just to reassure himself, but that clearly wasn’t enough to keep him happy.

Let’s look at the likely explanations why he believed he needed to have the work done:

Feelings Of Inadequacy

Feelings of inadequacy

First up, he would have been acutely aware of status symbols in his life; working in the diamond industry and partying with A-list celebrities will do that to you.

Although Ehud managed to earn a fortune throughout his life, he probably felt inadequate in comparison to the beautiful models around him at parties.

To ‘size-up’ against others, penis enlargement must have felt like the only option for him.

Inability To Satisfy Women Sexually

Unable to satisfy sexually

It’s one thing being aware of having a small penis, but having other people know about too would have multiplied the embarrassment by a 100!

Even if your partner says she’s happy, the simple fact that you know she’s had better can really eat away at you.

This simple fact could have triggered his deep desire to have the surgery.

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What Does Penis Surgery Involve?

Penis Surgery

Although the media is currently spinning the dangers of penis enlargement, the truth is that it’s actually a relatively safe operation involving two key procedures:

Penis Lengthening

When considering the different methods of making the penis look bigger, surgeons realised that you didn’t actually need to change its physical size.

Instead, you could simply severe one of the ligaments in the pubis and allow it to drop down further making it look bigger.

Unfortunately, this only impacts the appearance of the penis whilst flaccid, whilst erect, it returns to its usual size.

Penis Widening

Penis widening works in a similar way to dermal fillers in aesthetic treatments wherein areas of the face will be injected with fatty cells to give the illusion of being more full, therefore reducing wrinkles.

During the penis widening procedure, fat cells from other areas of the body such as the buttocks and the stomach will be removed and injected into the penis resulting in an immediate increase in girth.

Although the fat cells are not from an external source (they’re from your body), they’re treated as a foreign body to start with and only a small proportion of them remain intact.

Eventually, your penis size returns back to normal width.

So, What Caused Ehud’s Death?

Deadly Penile Surgery

You’re probably wondering now: “if penile enlargement surgery is so safe, then why did Ehud die?”

Although the substance that caused his death wasn’t disclosed, it’s a fair guess that it was the pre-operation anaesthetic that triggered off his heart-attack.

Anaesthetic is used in millions of operations around the world. Around 1 in 100,000 people have a reaction and die.

Had he been having surgery on a less controversial area of his body like the leg or arm, he would have probably died without such the media storm.

Other Risks

Penile Surgery Risks

While we’re on the subject of risks, penile surgery isn’t all plain sailing.

There are some non-fatal risks that you should be aware of:

Loss Of Erection Strength

When the ligament in the pubis is cut, it reduces the support for your erection. This will, in turn, mean that your erection won’t be fully upright making sex more difficult.

There’s also a high probability that it’ll sit at an angle as well too.

Loss Of Sensitivity

When you inject fatty tissue into your penis, it’s obviously going to cause a reaction. In other words, there’s going to be a lot of bruising.

In some cases, men have completely lost sensitivity in their penises, making sex little more than a chore.

Ineffective Treatment

Another issue with the fat injection procedure is that a significant amount of the fatty tissue will be absorbed into the body.

This causes a reduction in your girth over time until eventually, it returns to its normal size meaning additional treatments may be required to maintain the level of width desired.

Possible Infection

As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection. However, in the case of penile surgery, these risks are even higher because of how easily it builds up bacteria.

Is Penis Surgery Worth It?

Related image

When you look at the pros and cons of penis surgery – it doesn’t present a great picture.

Sure, it can increase the length of your penis, but only when flaccid.

Yes, it can increase your girth, but it doesn’t last very long and there’s a chance you can lose sensitivity in your penis.

If you’re someone who desperately needs to get a larger penis right away and are prepared for the downsides, then yes, it could be an option for you.

However, when you consider that there are safer options out there that don’t have nearly as much risk attached, then it seems stupid that anyone would even try penis enlargement surgery.