Try out these sex positions tonight with your partner and blow their mind!

Sex positions for fat people

Position #1
Missionary With A Pillow

Missionary is by far the most common position in the world and the reason it’s so popular is because of how simple it is.

All you need to do have your lady lie on her back and open her legs. 

That allows you to lie your body on top and slide your penis right inside.

You then place your arms in a planking position allowing you to evenly distribute your weight between your upper and lower body.

This balance gives you a great deal of control over your thrusting movement and helps you escalate your session towards a powerful orgasm when the time is right .

A bonus with this position is that your heads are close together, giving you the chance to have a cheeky snog while you’re at it.

The problem with this position is that if you or your partner has a bit of a belly, it can restrict your ability to penetrate her vagina.

To get more access, just grab a pillow and place it under her bum so she’s got more of an upperward facing angle with the tummy out of the way.

On top of that, you can place more of your weight on your knees so there’s less pressure on her body to prevent her from feeling crushed. 

2. Standing Doggy

Next up is a mixed doggy position where she’s on all fours on top of the bed and you’re standing up penetrating her from behind.

Now, there’s a couple of reasons why I think this is an amazing option if you’ve on the plus side of life.

First of all, gravity is on your side.

When you’re doing doggy, you want to be thrusting towards each other.

However, if your heavier, then her weight will naturally pull her forward and yours will pull you back (the opposite of what you want).

If she’s propped up and leaning back then gravity will naturally pull her body towards you.

This gives you the opportunity to thrust forward and upwards, creating a great rhythm.

The other reason why this position is particularly good is that it it targets your lady’s vagina wall giving you a higher chance of hitting her G-spot and giving her a whole body orgasm!

3. Spoony Sex

We’ve all been in the situation before where you’re too tired to do any vigorous sexual moves, but still super horny.

During those times, my partner and I like to opt for a position we call ‘spoony sex’.

It’s super simple. Just get into a spooning position as if you are cuddling her from behind then slide your penis inside of her.

You don’t get a lot of motion with this move, however, it is incredibly sensual and doesn’t require a lot of energy to do.

I’d also recommend reaching forward with your hand to play with her clitoris while in this position as the combination of g-spot and clitoral stimulus at the same time will drive her crazy (in a good way).

Lastly, after you’ve both had an orgasm in this position, you can easily go to sleep.

4. The Twist

If you’re wanting to get some extra depth, you’re definitely going to want to try ‘The Twist’.

It doesn’t require a lot of movement on her part and it’s a great way to target her g-spot too.

All you need to do is have her lie sideways in the fetal position then, in a sitting up position, enter her straight on.

This gives you both an incredible sensation as it hits spots inside of her that rarely get any attention.

The great thing about this position though is that you will feel in complete control while you’re sitting up.

That feeling of dominance really makes this one for me.

5. Reverse Cowgirl

A lot of bigger ladies are afraid to get on top because they think it might hurt their partner.

In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth - especially in the reverse cowgirl position.

If she’s leaning forward looking at your toes, then your stomach won’t get in the way and it’ll give her much more control of moving back and forward - something that she’ll rarely get to do in other positions.

Another big plus is the view of her ass!