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The 4 Best Sex Positions For Fat People!

Charlie Chambers
By Charlie Chambers
Last Updated: November 21, 2018

Is your belly stopping you from enjoying sex?

Do you look back in your life and remember some fantastic orgasms and wish that you could achieve those heights again?

It's easy to let weight become an obstacle towards pleasure.

In fact, many people just stop having sex altogether because they don't feel comfortable, which is a real shame.

Sex is an amazing experience that everyone should be able to enjoy, even with a few extra pounds.

I've put together this article to highlight a couple of positions that have helped me in the past.

Just try them out and you'll be back to your best in no-time.


Before we jump into the positions, I just wanted to highlight a couple of key considerations first that are useful when choosing positions if you're overweight.

Reduced Energy

Naturally, with a larger body mass, it takes more energy to create movement during sex.

I've highlighted positions that don't use a lot of energy, allowing you to prolong your session.

Increased Penetration

With more fat around the buttocks and the pelvic area, it can reduce the level of penetration available.

The following positions focus on helping you to achieve a deep thrust, whilst maintaining a decent level of movement.

Position#1 Missionary

Starting off, let's talk about the missionary position.

It's one of the most popular moves around the world because of its simplicity.

All you need to do is have your partner lie on her back with legs open and position yourself facing down on top of her, supporting yourself with your forearms.

The real benefit of missionary is it allows you to get extremely intimate with your partner, turning you both on.

Also, when the time is right, she can stimulate her clitoris with her fingers and achieve orgasm.

Variations & Tips

Although missionary is a great position by itself, there are a couple of alterations you can make to really reap the rewards.

Swap Your Legs To The Outside

Once you're inside your partner, lift yourself lightly and allow her to close her legs, putting your own legs on the outside.

This changes the angle in which your penis is sitting, helping you to hit her G-Spot.

Sit Up And Open Her Legs To A 'V'

If you'd like to get a deeper level of penetration, the easiest way to do this is to lift yourself up to a sitting position and open your partner's legs to a wider 'v' shape.

Place A Pillow Beneath Her Ass

Extra belly fat can restrict access to her vagina, but you can overcome this by simply propping her up at an angle using a sex pillow.

This allows even greater penetration and targeting of the G-Spot.

I've reviewed a bunch of sex pillows and highlighted the best ones for you. If you'd like to take a look, just click here.

Position #2: FaceDown Doggie

After missionary, doggie style is the second most popular sex position.

It's great for getting extra leverage and really pounding your partner until you both climax. The view is also pretty spectacular too.

However, there is a slight flaw for people who are overweight in that it can be difficult to get a full penetration.

In order to overcome this, you can make a slight adjustment by getting your partner to drop her torso to the floor and use her free hands to pull apart her buttcheeks.

At the same time, you can hold onto your partner's hips as leverage for thrusting!

This small adjustment can massively increase your depth!

Variations & Tips

Spank Her Ass

Most women love to be dominated and spanking is the easiest way to make that happen in this position.

Use the palm of your hand and give her a mild spank in the fleshiest part you can find.

Often, women are less turned on by the spank itself and more about the clapping noise it makes.

Pull Her Hair

Staying along the theme of domination, a great way to show her you are in control is to pull her hair backwards.

Make sure not to give any sudden yanks, but just let her know who is driving the sex and she'll go wild.

Play With Her Clitoris

In the doggie position, you can easily enhance her pleasure by reaching around her thighs and stimulating her clitoris.

If you find it difficult to reach, just lean a little and use her weight to keep you balanced.

Trust me, she'll thank you for it!

Tease Her Anus

When you're really going for it, give your girl a little anal stimulation with your thumb and it'll most likely push her over the edge and trigger an orgasm.

Position #3: Reverse Cowgirl

With extra weight, comes extra power and, sometimes, it can be difficult to control.

By allowing your woman to ride on top, it allows her to control the depth and speed of the sex.

However, normal cowgirl position can be a little intense - like you're being smothered.

By reversing her, you get to sit back and watch her work away!

Position #4: The Sensual Spoon

Lastly, I want to highlight the sensual spoon position, my personal favourite.

One of the biggest issues with doggie style is that it lacks intimacy. Meanwhile, with missionary, you don't really get the leverage to have a good shag.

The sensual spoon is a good in-between.

All you need to do is lie with your partner side-by-side and thrust back and forth.

It's super simple and feels extremely intimate, especially if you reach round and play with her clitoris!


Although being overweight can restrict the number of moves you and your partner have to work with, it does not mean the end of your sex life.

There are plenty of positions to choose from which are exciting.

Additionally, you might want to consider spicing up the bedroom in general with sex toys.

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