Beginner’s Guide To Male Sex Toys

By Charlie Chambers
Updated: 05 Sep 2021
Category: Male Sex Toys
Beginner's Guide To Male Sex Toys

New to male sex toys?

Don’t worry…we’ve all got to start somewhere. Soon you’ll be an expert!

In this beginner’s guide, you’ll learn:

  • What a male sex toy actually is
  • Why you absolutely need them in your life
  • Which one is the right choice for your lifestyle
  • Where to buy premium toys at a discount

What is a male sex toy?

Some of the more experimental readers might be thinking: “What isn’t a male sex toy?”

And yes, that’s a fair point. In the world of sex, you can call just about anything you like a sex toy.

The ancient Greeks used to stick baguettes up their bums for crying out out!

But, for the purpose of your sanity (and mine), let’s narrow the definition down a little:

“A male sex toy is any kind of device that is used for the enhancement of male sexual pleasure.”

– Charley Chambers

From masturbators to butt plugs, I’ll go over everything you need in this guide to get you up to scratch.

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Why You Need Sex Toys In Your Life

Men are often put off by the thought of sex toys because of their association with weird blow-up dolls from stag and hen-dos.

They look cheap and are more useful as a prank than anything else.

But, just because there are shitty products in a market doesn’t mean you should be put off.

Look at cars; some people love a big, beautiful Bentley. Others are happy to chug along in a wee Micra.

There’s nothing wrong with being basic. Having the odd wank isn’t so bad.

If that’s your cup of tea, fine. I know for a fact though that most men don’t just have a casual session.

They’re chuggin’ them out like Thomas the Tank!

If you masturbate more than three times per week without sex toys, you’re missing out.

Ladies have been getting off on them for centuries.

When doctors thought women were insane, they prescribed a cheeky session with Mr. Dildo.

If the situation was reversed and men were magically cured by a cheeky blowjob, we’d all be going crazy!

Right now, over half of women in the world own a vibrator. In some countries, like France, it’s closer to 65%.

It won’t be long before every single women in the world has a sex toy by their bedside cabinet!

Reason being, of course, it feels better than using their hands alone.

Don’t you think it’s about time that us men started getting in on the action too?

Let’s jump into the types of sex toys available now and what they do so you can decide what’s best suited to you.

Types Of Male Sex Toys

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1) Male Masturbators

If you’re over the age of 18, the odds are that you’ve experienced the thrill of stroking your dick.

No judgement, even the monkeys do it!

The problem with using your hand is it’s got no texture and you end up missing out on a lot of stimulation.

During real sex, there’s a warm, soft texture inside the vagina. It’s unmistakably amazing.

Your hand just can’t match that.

Fortunately, male masturbators can.

They fit around your penis and have a bunch of little nubs to mimic the feel of the mouth, vagina or anus.

You know those times when you wish you had companion at hand, but don’t?

That’s what male masturbators are for.

They start off super simple (and cheap), then gradually get so realistic that it’s like recreating sex without having to pay for fancy nights out!

Let’s take a look at them now.

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Textured Sleeves

Just looking to dip your toe in the water? It’s the easiest way to start!

The most basic male masturbator is called a sleeve.

It looks like a rubber tube with nubs on the inside; super simple.

All you need to do is put your penis inside and stroke it up and down and you’re off to the races!

They’re easy to hide, don’t need electricity and don’t look too exciting either.

Another plus is they have an opening at both ends making blowjobs feel even more satisfying.

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • Individual & Couples experimenting with sex toys
  • Dudes who are travelling and need something discreet

Click here for my recommended sleeve

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Realistic Strokers

Realistic strokers tend to be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about male masturbators.

They have an opening that is made to look like vagina, a mouth or an anus to give you an extra realistic sensation.

They’re often made of a stretchy, lifelike material which warms up to body temperature during use.

Inside is a textured canal, much like the inside of the sleeve that can be turned inside out for ease of cleaning.

They also have a hole at either side which makes them really easy to clean.

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • Guys on a budget who want a bit more out of masturbation

Click here for my recommended strokers

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Who ever thought about combining a flashlight and a stroker must have been crazy…

A crazy genius that is!

Fleshlights are the most popular type of realistic stroker in the world.

So much so that I had to give them a category of their own.

Their torch shape gives you something to hold onto whilst you’re having a session.

Whis is this a good idea? You know when someone else gives you a handjob, it feels more pleasurable?

Well, it’s kind of like that. The fact that you are touching your penis less means that it recreates that sensation.

There’s more to Fleshlights than just the torch element though, they’ve totally re-invented the stroker.

By focusing on making their sex toys look as real as possible, they help you better imagine your fantasies.

They’ve even gone as far as making realistic looking moulds of porn stars’ mouths, vaginas and assholes.

This makes it feel like you’re really part of the action when you’re watching your favourite porn star.

I haven’t yet had sex with my favourite , so I can’t tell if it’s really life-like.

When that day comes though, I’ll makes sure to keep you in the loop.

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • Guys who want the most realistic masturbation session possible

For a more information on Fleshlights, click here.

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Blowjob Machines

Do you remember when your last blowjob was?

Was it weeks? Months? Maybe it was years ago!?

For such a simple pleasure, it happens way too rarely.

You know how frustrating it can be when you are craving a blowjob, but don’t have a partner at hand to give you one.

The best you’ve got is porn and your hand – which just don’t do it justice.

Enter the blowjob machine…

One day, a guy thought it would be a great idea to add motion to male masturbators to recreate blowjobs.

Can we please get a clap for whoever that dude was?

They somehow managed to crack the ‘blowjob code’ and create a machine that gives your oral sex whenever you want.

They’re not too dissimilar in outward appearance to Fleshlights, but the key difference is their internal workings.

Instead of having to move the torch up and down yourself, the internal sleeve moves up and down by itself.

If that doesn’t make you sit up, get this…

They can be synced to porn clips and virtual reality devices, allowing you to live out your fantasies from your bedroom.

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • Guys who want a realistic blowjob whenever they want

Click here for more information about blowjob machines

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Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have a pretty creepy reputation.

At one end of the spectrum, you’ve got those cheap-ass inflatable options that are carried around on stag and hen nights.

Then at the other end, you’ve got futuristic artificial intelligent robots that talk to you.

Neither of these paints a particularly pleasant picture of these manikins.

So, what’s the attraction?

The truth is that most people who buy realistic sex dolls do it rarely just to have sex with them.

Instead, they’re used as a temporary substitute for a partner.

If you’ve just broken up with someone who you’ve been seeing for a long time and aren’t quite ready to ‘put yourself out there’, then a sex doll can be just what you need to keep you ticking along.

High-end sex dolls are just about unmistakable from real life people.

They’ve got life-like hair, eyes and, yes, all of the holes you need if you want to have sex with them.

Many owners form close attachments to them; washing them, brushing their hair and painting their nails.

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • Guys who are having difficulty getting over a previous partner, but still need sexual attention

Click here for more information about sex dolls

2) Anal Stimulators

When you hear anything about anal sex and men, most people jump straight to the conclusion that it’s gay, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The only reason that gay men use anal sex toys is because it feels enjoyable. The sensation received when stimulating the prostate gland is, nothing less than, orgasmic.

Unfortunately, most straight men cast aside the prospect of even exploring their prostate because of society’s outdated perspective and they miss out on, quite possibly, the best orgasm they’ve ever had.

Want to get to know more about prostate orgasms? Click here.

If you’re ready to learn about the different anal stimulators for men, keep reading.

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Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are one of the most recognisable, yet the least understood sex toys.

Most people know that you put them in your bum, but aren’t sure why.

Even more interestingly, they’re mainly used by women who don’t have a prostate!

So, what’s the widespread appeal?

First of all, sex is something that when done repeatedly in the same way, can get boring.

One way to spice things up is to add different sensations into the mix.

In the anal canal, there are nerve endings that you can’t find in other parts of the body, so when you stimulate them whilst aroused, they enhance your overall sensation.

For men, there’s a bit more to butt plugs than just ‘doing things differently’.

Inserting a butt plug provides a constant stimulus to the prostate gland, giving a huge boost to masturbation, foreplay and sex.

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • Guys who are experimenting with prostate play with their partners

Click here if you want more info on butt plugs
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Prostate Massagers

Wondering how you can achieve an earth-shattering prostate orgasm?

Who wouldn’t turn that kind of sensation down?!

Prostate massagers are designed specifically to target the prostate gland.

They differ from butt plugs in that they’ve got a handle for you (or your partner) to control where they stimulus is directed.

For guys who are new to prostate massage, I’d recommend going for a larger sized massager to make it easier for you to find your prostate gland.

If you got for a toy that’s too small, there can be a lot of poking around.

Additionally, I’d suggest you start with something that doesn’t vibrate and work your way up.

The last thing you want to do is have a negative experience and put yourself off potentially a life-time worth of epic orgasms.

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • Guys who are ready to experience a full-body prostate orgasm

Click here for my recommended prostate massage toys

3) Performance Enhancers

Ever noticed that when your partner is enjoying themselves more, you get more back in return?

Male performance enhancers are designed to help us guys to give the ladies more pleasure.

From making our dicks bigger and harder to helping us to last longer before ejaculating.

Without these bad boys, we’d be done for!

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Ever been ready to have sex, but your lady isn’t quite wet enough?

That’s where lubrication comes into play.

It’s basically the ‘engine oil’ for sex when her gears aren’t quite ready to grind.

Of course, you could give her a lick out and warm her up that way, but that isn’t always feasible.

Beyond sex, lubrication is basically a requirement for all sex toys.

If you’ve ever been masturbating and started to feel your penis getting a bit more tender, then times that by ten.

Getting the right amount of lube is a bit of an art.

If you use too little, you’ll feel friction and it’ll feel sore.

If you use too much, you won’t feel anything at all.

There’s a bunch of different types of lubricant depending on what your needs are.

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • Anyone who wants to use sex toys on a regular basis

Click here for more information on lubrication

Cock Rings

We’ve all been there. You’re coming towards orgasm, but your partner isn’t even close.

You try out a range of strategies to stave off ejaculation, but nothing works and she’s left wanting more.

As much as she re-assures you that it’s okay, it’s difficult not to feel embarrassed.

Cock rings aims to kill two birds with one stone by helping you last longer and making her orgasm quicker.

They delay ejaculation by compressing the area surrounding the base of the penis and testicles, restricting blood flood.

By adding a little vibrating device to the ring, it gives your lady friend a tingle that stimulates her clitoris.

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • For guys who want to last longer
  • For guys who want to give their lady a clitoral bonus during sex

Click here for more information on cock rings

Penis Pumps

You’re about to get your sexy time on with your lady. She’s giving you all the signals, but…


If you start to worry about why your penis isn’t getting erect, it just makes it worse and you start to panic.

The whole thing is a turn-off for your partner that could be easily rectified with a penis pump.

They work by placing a tube over your penis and pumping out the air to create a vacuum.

This draws blood into the penis and causes it to swell and “hey presto, you’ve got an erection!”

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • For guys who have a difficulty getting an erection and need a quick ‘pump-up’

Click here for more information on penis pumps

Penis Extenders

We’ve all heard of the different options available if you’re having trouble with a small penis.

You can mix up your positions, give more oral sex or add in some more sex toys to keep her satisfied!

And, while all of these can help ladies enjoy themselves more, it’s hard for women to deny that they are more attracted to guys with a bigger penis.

There’s hundreds of mysterious ways to grow your size, but the only technique that’s been clinically proven to increase the length and girth of your penis is penis extension.

These devices are no magic pill that works overnight, but they do work.

Who I’d recommend these for:

  • For guys feel their penis is too small and want to increase its size

Click here for more information on penis extenders