Atom Plus Review

By Charlie Chambers
Updated: 07 Sep 2021
Category: Performance
Atom Plus

Meet ATOM PLUS, the king of cock rings, boasting dual integrated motors to deliver intense perineum stimulation during solo or couple's play. Ergonomically designed to meet your and your partner's needs, Octopuss is the only PLUS 1 you'll ever need.

​​Atom Plus​ Details

Meet ATOM PLUS, the king of cock rings, boasting dual integrated motors to deliver intense perineum stimulation during solo or couple's play. Ergonomically designed to meet your and your partner's needs, Octopuss is the only PLUS 1 you'll ever need.

Made from smooth silicone and worn at the base of the shaft, the cock ring provides gentle constriction for intensified erections.

With 5 vibration modes and varying levels of intensity to choose from, you can experience the dual motors' deep and rumbly pulsations for intense penis and perineum stimulation.

Completely waterproof, you can take your toy on aquatic adventures.

Use with a little high-quality lubricant for the best sensations.


  • ​Intense orgasms
  • ​Hands-free
  • ​Vibrates clit and ​guche
  • ​Smooth satin material
  • Chargeable (no batteries)
  • ​Stretchy rings
  • ​Very little noise
  • Very comfortable


  • ​A little tricky to put on

​Key Features

​Clitoral Stimulation

​Unless you plan on having a marathon sex session where you're constantly vibrating then this toy won't fail you.

​Massages The Guche

​Just like sex, this cock ring can go at different speeds.

​With 6 different settings to choose from you can ramp up your vibration settings to give your partner mega clitoral stimulation.

​5 Vibration Modes

​Unlike many cock rings, the silicone in the Lelo Tor 2 is stretching and has a premium feeling to it too.

​That means it will be easy to slip on and off while at the same time giving you a comfortable fit.

​Stretch Material

​The level of clitoral stimulation that the Lelo Tor provides is second to none.

​User Feedback

​The cock ring arrived and we quickly charged it to get started. The waiting was terrible!Finally, the red light went off and we were on our way! I pulled open the cock ring and my wife gently pulled my balls down and I put my flaccid cock through, turned the ring to its proper position and man, within seconds, I was hard.Turning it on and feeling the vibrations running through my balls and shaft was awesome. My wife was ready! As I pushed in and let the ring vibrate against her, she shuttered and gave out a little cry of joy. You see, I am 75 and she is 73 and this adventure of sex toys is just the beginning. She now has a thrusting dildo, I have the stretchy ball separator and a pocket pulse. masturbator and together we have expanded our sex life to include intercourse, mutual masturbation and a little bit of bondage.Why did we wait so long? Where was Lovehoney when we were younger? Thank you. For those who are hesitant, stop, enjoy life, do what you want, have fun experimenting and go for it. And for those who think they are too old, take it from me, sex is still and always will be, a great gift.

​So, so powerful. Your partner will not last very long. Quite hard to put on.Make sure you read the instructions. It has to be put on soft, balls first, then slip your cock through. You will then be amazed on how hard you get.Have fun. The vibe settings are very very powerful.

​As someone who likes wearing cock rings in the bedroom, the release of the Atom Plus by Hot Octopuss certainly sparked an interest. As the product promises penis, clitoral and perineum stimulation from the duel integrated bullets, which is a new feature in cock ring design.The Atom Plus arrived inside a silver reflective packaging, with the contents stored inside a moulded tray. The contents consist of the Atom Plus itself, a USB charging cable, an instruction booklet and a smart drawstring pouchThe Atom Plus is made from a gorgeously smooth black silicone which has a suitable amount of stretch to the 40mm diameter cock ring to provide you with an ease for slipping the ring on over your penis and testicles. Situated on the top/bottom of the ring is two reflective ABS strips each has their own individual buttons to perform a task. The power/mode button is on the lowest strip and puts you in control of the 5 powerful vibrating patterns. While the top strip has the Hot Octopuss logo positioned either side of the ‘+’ and ‘-’ the selected strength you wish to feel.The two integrated motors do offer different targeted stimulation as the highest motor provides clitoral and shaft stimulation while the second motor brings an extra level of heightened pleasure as the vibrations are directly felt on your perineum.The ring was fully charged on arrival for an instant use to be available. When a charge is required the lead simply pushes into the charging point which is situated underneath the ‘+’ button. The process will take 2 hours to enjoy 40 minutes of play.Introducing the Atom Plus into our sex life was exciting and we were both looking forward to the stimulation that would arise from this particular vibrating ring. To wear the ring it is ideal to remain flaccid as first, you need to slip your testicles through and then work your penis through for the ring to easily be worked down your shaft into its final position. It was a simple manoeuvre to put the ring on and the stretch in the silicone became a vital part of this task.While the power/function button is positioned right next to your testicles it is still easily accessible to comfortably use. There constant setting has become our preferred choice of vibrating patterns. As it does feel jointly satisfying for both of us, beginning with my feelings throughout as my erection grew.There was the combination of the vibrations throughout my shaft alongside the firmness of my penis that grown around the tightness of the silicone as my blood flow is reduced. At this stage, I knew the ring would be suitable to wear either during couple play or a solo session.As penetrative sex commenced and my wife could feel the firmness of my erection. When the Atom Plus came into contact with her clit she immediately knew the strength of the vibrations this ring holds as it provided her with the stimulation she prefers to feel from her own clitoral toys. As the session went further we knew this is a great toy to share as a couple. I felt there was a light pleasure arising from the perineum stimulation. As the pleasure continue to build between us as we both enjoyed the feel of the vibrations.Particularly throughout our penis and clit to offer us a high amount of stimulation to enjoy a joint climax and a strong level of pleasure which we were treated to as we experienced a thrilling end to our session with the Atom Plus.To clean the ring after use is a relatively simple task as I give it a spray over with sex toy cleaner and wash thoroughly over as the silicone cleans up extremely well. I do towel dried the ring and store away until it’s next use.Overall the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus has become a great addition to our collection of couples toys. As it has brought several levels of vibrating pleasure such as penis, clitoral and perineum pleasures. While the ring still brings an extra firm feel to my erection. Whether you choose the ring for solo or couple play the Atom Plus is a great investment that will bring you pleasure for several years to come.

​Good gravy, this is a beefy piece of kit. A hunky, chunky monster of a cock ring. If the Atom was a person, it would be a ripped, bearded, tattooed, musky, raw eggs for breakfast, pulling buses with its teeth kinda guy. But who also holds doors open for people, rescues kittens from trees and helps old ladies with their shopping. It's huge, well presented, strong and a pleasure to get to know.Design-wise, it's fairly simple but no worse off for it. Made from velvety smooth, matte black silicone, the ring is topped with a silver, crown-embossed, control pad. Just press the on button for 2 seconds to activate and/or change the pattern then use the plus/minus buttons to increased or decrease the intensity. Extremely easy to figure out and operate. Not super easy to change the patterns while being used during intercourse but fine for solo play until you find the combination that works best for you.The vibrating area is wide and flat, bar a contoured bump in the middle which nestles perfectly against the clitoris (or elsewhere depending on the position) when worn during penetrative sex. It is a lot larger than most vibrating cock rings, basically the same size as the ring section itself. Presumably this is required to house the powerful motor but it also means that the vibrations spread out over a wider area when pressed up against your lover.The Atom offers 5 different patterns, each of which can be increased in intensity to match your needs. The lower settings are strong but the higher settings are crazy intense. Deep, rumbly waves of loveliness. My Husband isn't a massive fan of vibrating toys on his bits and did find the higher settings too much for his todge but he really enjoyed the ring when used on a middle intensity, especially when worn with the motor laying against his scrotum.Obviously the benefit of a vibrating cock ring is two-fold, while the vibrations are great for all concerned, a lot of people want to achieve stronger erections and, while my Husband has no issues in this department, I can't deny that the Hot Octopuss certainly delivered. Not the best erection ever, but quite possibly in his top 10. He said it accommodated his dimensions (slightly above average girth) well and, while a little heavier than many similar devices, was comfortable to wear.I liked the aesthetic of this toy very much, from the shiny silver box, to the etched logo on the ring and the complementary branded storage bag. It looks well made, classy and very high end. Thumbs up, as ever, for being rechargeable (it still hasn't needed a recharge after a good few uses) and waterproof. I also appreciated the more masculine design - a nice change from the pink/purple toys. This would work well as a gift, albeit a slightly expensive one. At £85 the Atom is no cheap treat but I do think it would be an excellent addition to a toy box. With this bad boy in your arsenal, I doubt you'll ever need to look at another cock ring. The various patterns and intensities mean you'll, eventually, find your Goldilocks setting ("Just right!") which isn't usually an option with lots of cheaper, on or off, rings. Similarly if you use this with a partner there is bound to be something to please them, especially given the strength of the motor and the size of the vibrating section.The Hot Octopuss Atom claims to be the next generation of cock rings and, despite loving a good mass debate, after testing this toy, I'm finding it really hard to argue with that.


​The ​ATOM Plus is, in my opinion, the best cock ring available.

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Atom Plus