About Me

About Me


Sex is my life.

Well, that might be stretching it a bit far.

For me, sex is more than just a hormonal urge. It’s a hobby.

Some people like football or rugby or golf. Me? I like sex.

I’m not a weird sex fiend or addict though.

In fact, I’ve got a pretty normal life; I’m a freelancer working in an office, I have a girlfriend and a bunch of fairly normal friends who I have a couple of pints with at the weekend.

Thankfully, my girlfriend is on-board with my unique hobby. We regularly try out new positions, ideas and toys among other things. She even has some great ideas of her own!

For a lot of people though, sex is something¬† they’d really rather not discuss.

Which is totally understandable. The sexual taboos from centuries ago still linger in society today.

For a while, it was just me mulling crazy ideas over in my head.

Occasionally, I’d share them with my girlfriend, but it’s not her main area of interest so I tend to not discuss sex with her all the time.

Also, I’m aware that if you intellectualise sex as a topic with your partner, then it can overcomplicate the experience.

A few years ago, a friend urged me to start a website as an outlet for my hobby.

I saw the name MensToyShop.com and I liked it the implication of it.

Since starting the blog, my curiosity about sex has only grown.

Not only have I become engrossed in the art and science of having sex.

I’ve come to realise the equal importance of mental strength, physical fitness and chemical attraction too.

All of this is honestly a far-cry from my initial idea of what it meant to have sex so, I suppose you could say that I’ve gone full-circle in that respect.

How I got into sexual exploration

I was born in Scotland and lived there for most of my life, but I felt like I was missing out.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing country.

It’s full of lovely, interesting people who really care about you.

The only problem was that I was aware of so many other cultures out there and what I could learn from them.

I started off travelling around cities in Europe before going on to explore other cultures further afoot.

On my adventures, I naturally had sex with a lot of women from all different backgrounds and they each had a noticeably different approach.

From Kama Sutra in India to the kinky sex toys in Berlin to drug-induced orgies at Burning Man.

My trip had me ‘woke’.

And I decided that discovering and exploring the nuances of sexuality would be my ‘thing’.

I’ve since come back to the wonderful land of Scotland where I continue to learn and share the knowledge that I’ve learned.

Outside my hobby

I graduated in business management and spent a lot of my time working in marketing projects for local businesses.

I love the creative challenge of figuring out what makes something real - the story behind a business so that they can create a real connection with their customers.

A lot of people think marketing is all about being salesy and selfish, but I think it needs a lot of creativity.

You need to be able to have a huge amount of empathy for others in order to understand what they want.

Then, you’ve got to deliver on those promises.

For me, great sex is all about understanding, connection and performance.

So, I guess I’m trying to merge these two ideas together in some regard.

What I Share

Through the sheer amount of time I’ve spent researching and understanding what makes great sex, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on the subject.

On this website, I share everything you need to know to master your sexuality and get a more fulfilling sex life.

I cover everything from finding a partner to play with to improving your intimate relationships and even enhancing your masturbation.

If it’s sexual, it’s on here.

Want to get started with male sex toys? Click here to read my beginner’s guide.